2019’s Best Weight Loss Pills and Supplements Reviewed

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Today the market is riddled with a diversity of new supplement names, promising excellent weight loss results. You have undoubtedly looked through the advertisements, convincing you that the diet pills can almost instantly melt all the body fat.

It’s so easy to get lost among different brands.

Do you wonder how you can find out which products are effective?

We have a great solution for you.

We have decided to save your time and facilitate your task of finding really worthy diet supplement options. You no longer need to spend much money and experiment with your health, trying all the existing anti-obesity supplements.

We reviewed and compared all the novelties which have been recently launched on the market to offer you the most potent weight-loss over-the-counter products.

Here you will find the list of weight-loss supplements which proved to contain the safest active substances, micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins in necessary dosages.

Using these products, you are sure to wean yourself off disappointing fat and uncover the real beauty of your body.

First-Class Weight Loss Supplementation Options

Our range of dietary non-prescription supplements includes the options with different mechanisms of action. But regardless of whether these products act by decreasing the feeling of hunger, enhancing metabolic rate, killing fat, or causing the feeling of satiety, they do their work well.

These top-rated risk-free options will definitely support you on your way to a slim body.


1# PhenQ

PhenQ is one of few diet pills that actually work because it uses an impressive selection of fat burners, appetite suppressants, and metabolism boosters to help you lose the weight without the need for filler ingredients.

PhenQ keeps their formula simple, safe, and effective.

Individual results may vary, and at only $69.95 per bottle with 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s definitely worth a try.


2# Phen24

Pneh24 is a highly innovative weight loss pill which offers unique benefits to everyone, wishing to have a much slimmer and more beautiful body.

It stands out from the rest of diet pills due to its one-of-a-kind day and night formula.

Unlike many other supplements that hide behind the proprietary blend, Pneh24 is confident in its revolutionary formula for weight loss, letting you known exactly what ingredients are inside and in their exact concentrations – so you can know right off the bat whether or not this product will work for you.


3# Proactol XS

Proactol XS is a dietary supplement that works as a fat binder in the digestive system.

This patented product is made from the leaves of the Opuntia Ficus-Indica, a nutritious cactus that is grown in arid regions of the world.

Taken in pill form after each meal, this fat binder helps to reduce the absorption of dietary fat by the body. This prevents the fat from being converted to the calories that can cause weight gain.

Proactol XS is unique from most other dietary weight loss products on the market because it has been clinically tested and proven to aid in weight loss.

However, Proactol XS is not perfect, and no matter how powerful the pill, you can’t expect to lose weight without exercising regularly or making healthy eating decisions.


4# Capsiplex

Quickly becoming one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market, Capsiplex is a powerful fat burning that will supposedly help you increase your metabolism and burn more body fat with 4 clinically proven ingredients.

Capsiplex claims that its scientific formula can successfully deliver “power weight loss results fast!”

This powerful little pill will supposedly help to curb to cravings and enhance your energy levels so you can nail that diet safely and effectively. With Capsiplex, you supposedly have a well-balanced formula for weight loss without the need for a prescription.

Yet can Capsiplex really help you reach your weight loss goals? We’ve taken a closer look at its formula to find out.


Weight Loss Supplements

A very important part of the weight loss process consists of adhering to a very strict diet which doesn’t leave any room for unhealthy food cravings.
However, as most dieters can attest, sticking to a diet plan is much harder in practice than it is in theory, especially when the previously-mentioned cravings start to act up.
While in the past people mostly had to resort on their power of will in order to get through that tough period, these days things are quite different thanks to the incredible progress made in the field of medicine, or more precisely in pharmacology.
One such product that is said to help with weight loss is appetite suppressant, let’s first take a look at this product.

Best Natural Diet Pills

Often people today suffer from hunger pains and slow metabolism resulting in weight gain, yet very few find time for exercise or to take a proper diet.

Here comes the perfect solution for those people looking for natural weight loss, Acai Slimatox which is a weight loss supplement that curbs the appetite.

It is a unique blend of natural ingredients that promotes natural weight loss as well as rejuvenating your body and stimulating your mind.

Is Diet Pill Abuse Possible?

People are often light-minded about a possibility of abuse which may accompany the intake of diet pills. That’s why people who suffer from overweight and eating disorders don’t think that something may go wrong when taking slimming pills. There are the following ways in which people may abuse the weight loss pills:

  • Use of excessive doses of anti-overweight pills
  • Use of very powerful weight loss pills not intended for people who don’t suffer from obesity
  • Use of prescription-only medications for overcoming obesity without the guidance of a healthcare practitioner
  • Intake of several weight loss medications at the same time
  • Intake of dietary drugs in combination with diuretics and laxatives
  • Intake of diet pills in combination with stimulatory substances forbidden by the law
  • Intake of dietary products along with alcohol

Each of the above mentioned ways of diet pill abuse is fraught with multiple dangerous health risks. Thus, the overdose of dietary remedies which have a stimulatory effect on your brain and body may lead too sudden unsafe hypertension. In its turn, such a dramatic hypertension may result in stroke or heart attack.

Also, the use of fat blockers in combination with diuretics and laxatives leads to the development of diarrhea, impairment of electrolyte balance, and liquid loss.
You should remember that the overuse of medicines which considerably raise the probability of kidney and liver diseases may provoke the emergence of dangerous health effects. And these health effects may even jeopardize human life.

Why Are Prescription Diet Pills Unsafe?

The prescription-only diet pills the intake of which is not prohibited for the present moment are considered relatively safe. And they feature a high level of safety. They excellently melt excessive fat, fuel metabolic rate and provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety. However, the use of prescription medications which help people struggle against obesity is associated with the occurrence of many disappointing and even very dangerous adverse reactions:

  • Racing Heart
  • Hypertension
  • Overexcitement
  • Stomach Upset
  • Diarrhea
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Insomnia
  • Rectal Bleeding
  • Heart Problems

The availability of numerous side effects is what terrifies many people and serves as an incentive to look for the much safer natural alternatives to the prescription drugs.

What Are Natural Diet Pills?

The natural diet pills are in fact the supplements of natural origin which are aimed at the body weight reduction without the use of strong synthetic drugs. These supplements are available in the oral form. And you can purchase them over the counter without any restrictions. These remedies can complement the daily nutrition plan of each person who aspires to lose some unnecessary pounds. Some natural dietary supplements are targeted not just on the body weight reduction. They deliver important nutrients which must ensure nutritional wellbeing in the body.
The anti-overweight supplements typically consist of:

  • Organic components
  • Herbal extracts and compounds
  • Vitamins
  • Glandular extracts
  • Minerals
  • Enzymes
  • Amino acids

The major reason for which people use the all-natural diet pills is of course their desire to lose excessive weight. But there are also some additional reasons including filling up missing nutrients, development of muscle mass, improvement of essential bodily functions, normalization of sleep, enhancement of energy release.

Major Types of Fat Loss Supplements

There is a wide spectrum of dietary supplements which are targeted at the particular aspects of weight loss process. When you are trying to find the most suitable supplement, you should know for sure what your main concern is.
If you can’t manage to regulate your feeling of hunger, the appetite suppressants are what you need.
If you belong to people who always feel tired and exhausted during the weight loss journey, the fat burners will perfectly cope with the task of accelerating your metabolism.
Below we will look through the 5 widespread types of fat loss supplements. And you will get to know the peculiarities of each type.

Fat Burners

Fat burners are known to have thermogenic properties due to which it’s possible to give a boost to metabolism. These supplements have won the enormous popularity among the customers because they are targeted at killing belly fat and revealing well-developed abdominal muscles.
Such supplements belong to the best sellers. They typically consist of the active substances which help both enhance metabolism and regulate the feeling of hunger.
Mechanism of Action: Fat burners have a stimulatory effect due to which metabolic rate increases. As a result, the mechanism of fat burning triggers. The supplementation is aimed at intensifying thermogenesis. If thermogenesis is intensive, you can get rid of more calories, comparing to the period you don’t use any supplements.
Active Substances: Previously, all the fat burners obligatorily contained Ephedrine which actually was the most important ingredient. The matter is that that efficacy of this active substance is very high. However, now it’s forbidden to purchase it without a prescription. The new harmless fat burning ingredients were launched to the market. And they give excellent results. It’s advisable to choose the pills which consist of Hordenine, Synephrile HCL, Yohimbine HCL, and 2-Phenylethylamine (PEA). Fat burning pills of herbal origin typically consist of Rapberry Ketones, Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Capsicum Extract.
Adverse Effects and Safety: Fat burners have the strongest fat killing effects. However, the cost of these supplements is also high. Such products are considered quite safe. But you should be very careful if stimulatory substances are contraindicative to you. If you suffer from any disease, it’s better to visit a doctor before taking stimulants. Possible adverse effects may include racing heart, jitteriness, and insomnia (if used in the late afternoon).

Appetite Suppressors

Everyone wishing to lose weight should adhere to a well-balanced diet. And it’s the most difficult aspect of each weight loss journey. That’s why it’s very important to control own feeling of hunger. Appetite suppressors help solve this issue successfully. For this reason, the customers often give preference to these supplements.
Mechanism of Action: The effects of appetite suppressors are clear from their name. These supplements decrease appetite, release from hunger pangs, and prevent from eating unhealthy snacks and junk food. As a result, it’s possible to cut your daily calorie intake. Using appetite suppressors, you will save your diet plan from collapse and stay the course without any difficulties. This will lead to the desirable weight loss.
Active Substances: 5-HTP and 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine belong to the most significant active substances available in the formulas of appetite suppressors. The most widespread herbal ingredients typically include Glucomannan, Hoodia Gordonii, and Garcinia Cambogia.

Carb Blockers

Some people simply can’t withstand the temptation to eat foods with superfluous amount of carbs. These foods include cereals, pizza, pastas, and breads. To help these people lose weight, carb blockers were developed.
Mechanism of Action: These supplements don’t allow the absorption of carbs in the digestive tract. The starches present in foods are attached to special active substances available in the carb blockers. These blockers impede starch digestion, preventing the formation of fat storages in the body. Such ingredients are called starch-enzyme blockers. The matter is that they directly participate in the inhibition of alpha-amylase synthesis. Alpha-amylase is an enzyme involved in the breakage of starches. If this enzyme is not synthesized, starches are not turned into sugars. As a result, the digestion of starches becomes impossible.

Fat Blockers

There are people who can’t refuse consuming fatty foods and can’t adhere to a healthy diet because of this. Fat blockers are a great invention for these people. The use of such blockers enables people to successfully deal with all fats they consume daily.
Mechanism of Action: The principle of fat blockers’ action resembles the action of carb blockers. These supplements are the inhibitors which don’t allow the digestive tract to absorb cholesterol and fat. Fat is attached to the ingredients available in the fat blockers. And a certain amount of fat remains undigested and simply moves unchanged through the digestive system.
Active Substances: Chitosan and Orlistat are the major active substances in the fat blockers. Chitosan is known as a fibrous compound derived from the crustaceans shells. Typically, crab shells and lobster shrimp shells are used. This active substance has a science-backed potential to inhibit cholesterol and fat absorption in the digestive tract. It’s worth mentioning that the research findings concerning the Chitosan potency for weight loss are quite contradictory. Orlistat is a patent-awarded active ingredient that blocks fats. There are a prescription form of this ingredient called Xenical and its non-prescription form known under the name of Alli.
Adverse Effects and Safety: Fat blockers belong to the medicines the intake of which you may wish to avoid. The matter is that they cause some very unpleasant adverse effects which abash the patients. These adverse effects include spasms, flatus, fecal incontinence, and semi-liquid feces. Be very careful if you are going to use a fat blocker. It’s recommended to ask your healthcare provider for advice to find out whether it will not be harmful to your health to take such pills. That’s because the fat blockers may prevent the absorption of vitamins which are soluble in lipids. This may lead to the risk of the lack of important vitamins.

Prescription Weight Loss Medications

Prescription weight loss medications feature the highest level of efficacy among all existing dietary products. These medications ensure the best weight loss results. However, you will have to get a prescription to purchase such pills.
Since it’s obligatory to have a prescription for the purchase of these medications, only people who suffer from obesity take them. In these people, obesity is often accompanied with many other diseases. That’s why they have to approach the weight loss issue with a great caution.
These weight loss pills help substantially decrease body weight and overcome obesity. But still they very frequently lead to the occurrence of serious adverse effects. Therefore, the healthcare professional has to control the intake of these pills which you reasonably can’t buy without a prescription.

best weight loss pills

Easy Tips to Follow to Shake off Extra Weight

According to the reports of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these are exactly unsatisfactory nutrition, smoking, and absence of physical activity which primarily lead to obesity and even deaths not only in the United States, but also across the world. And people who really want to change their lives for better and forever forget about the overweight problem should not only use the premium-quality diet pills, but also amend own lifestyle.
There are actually many well-working tips which will surely help you complement the intake of diet pills and lose weight in the indolent way:

  • Attention to Food Labels: People unfortunately often thoughtlessly swallow everything that entices them with a bright cover and/or sweet advertisement promises. At the same time, people rarely look at the food labels. And it’s a great mistake for everyone who wants to have a slim body. It is a food label that can tell you a lot about what you are going to put to your stomach. Thus, there is information about all flavor enhancers, additives, fillers, sweeteners, and calorie intake. If you consider this information before you purchase and eat a particular food, you will not go beyond the daily calorie allowance limit. And you will also not consume the ingredients which destroy your slenderness.
  • Food Portion Size Restriction: The necessity to control the amount of food you eat is as important as the refusal from unhealthy food choices and supplementation with the high-quality diet pills. The trend of choosing super size portions at the restaurants and cafes is not only the way to overweight and obesity, but also to serious health problems. You should restrict your food portions if you already have excessive weight or wish to prevent overweight. The matter is that too large portions make you get too much calories. And this calorie intake is much greater than your body really requires for the satisfaction of own needs. The solution to this issue is not difficult at all. The best thing you should do is to simply throw away a big plate and replace it with a small one. And you will immediately feel the difference. Also, learn to deliberately chew your food. Slow eating excellently prevents overeating.
  • No Refusal from Breakfast: Millions of people all over the globe underestimate the importance of breakfast when they use diet pills and struggle against extra weight. These people think that this meal is not crucial. And that’s why it’s possible to skip it without a twinge of conscience. However, you do yourself a disservice when you don’t eat your breakfast. According to the studies, regardless of age and gender, people who eat breakfast have lower body weight comparing to people who avoid this very first meal of the day. Also, the studies have demonstrated that overweight people who eat breakfast lose weight easier and quicker as opposed to those ones who don’t do this. In addition, the experts emphasize that breakfast excellently copes with the task of preventing hunger pangs, unhealthy snacking, and excessive calorie intake throughout the day. And in the evening these problems are especially burning. So, make sure that you always eat your breakfast.
  • Meal Planning Is a Must: If you aspire to successfully lose weight, you should not only carefully choose the diet pills, but also shouldn’t ignore meal planning. This planning first of all implies meal timing. It means that the specialists recommend the both overweight and slim people to time eating. The breaks between meals should be 3-5 hours. And it’s advisable not to change the eating time on a daily basis. According to the studies, meal timing is helpful for speeding up calorie melting, preventing unhealthy snacking, and restricting the enormous consumption of sugar, carbohydrates, and fats. Also, you should plan what you are going to eat. Otherwise, there is a high risk of eating much more than you initially expected to eat. The probability of making unhealthy food choices also grows. That’s why meal planning should obligatorily become your new healthy habit.
  • Prevention of Starvation: The diet pills, even the ones of the highest quality, will not bring the desired results if you starve. But starvation is indeed very harmful. It decelerates the weight reduction process. And you will not be able to retain the weight loss achievements. In particular, if you choose starvation instead of healthy nutrition plan, you will inevitably experience a variety of negative effects. They include muscle size decrease, poor energy release, constant fatigue, eating disorder development, and malnutrition. So, you have to correct your daily eating plan in a healthy way instead of exhausting yourself with starvation and posing your health at risk.
  • Water Consumption before Meals: When you use the diet pills, you should drink much water. But it’s not enough for the flawless slenderizing process. It’s crucial to consume water before meals. There is clinical proof that water consumption before eating promotes the body weight decrease. That because the water intake before meals enables people to cut the calorie intake. Also, people who abide by this uncomplicated rule manage to lose 44% more extra weight comparing to people who ignore this suggestion. In addition, water consumption before meals contributes to better satiety and enhances digestive process.
  • Adequate Physical Activity: If you maintain physical activity at the moderate level along with the intake of diet pills, you will accelerate and facilitate the slimming process. The daily routine has to obligatorily include some kind of physical activity which you prefer. Even if you just walk for 30 minutes every day, you will do a great favor to your body and make the implementation of your dream of a slim body much closer. However, it will be even much better if you find time and physical strength for attending gym. So, it’s recommended to back your weight loss strategy with exercising or at least moderate physical activity.
  • Stress Control: The diet pills and even the proper nutrition plan will not meet your goals to the maximal extent if you can’t regulate your stress level. Stress negatively affects numerous biological processes in the human body. Brain, heart, endocrine system, central nervous system, and digestive system substantially suffer from excessive stress which kills the body. That’s why chronic stress dramatically hinders the weight loss process. If you don’t want to allow stress to postpone your slenderness, you must learn to control stress. Get to know as much about stress management as possible. If you practice stress management techniques, stress levels will decrease. And your body weight will finally drop as well.
  • Sleep Normalization: People who deprive themselves of sleep have the problems with body weight even in case of taking the most advanced weight loss pills. The results of clinical trials claim that the lack of sleep urges people to eat much more than they typically eat when sleep enough. Also, according to the study, sleep-deprived people face the issue of 15% increase in ghrelin which is a hunger hormone and 15% decrease in leptin which is a satiety hormone. It should also be noted that people who fall behind on sleep tend to more frequently choose unhealthy foods. This leads to weight gain and inability to shake excessive weight off. That’s why you should care of your sleep pattern. You have to devote no less than 8 hours per night to sleep in order not to have any trouble with your weight.