2019’s Best Weight Loss Pills and Supplements Reviewed

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Today the market is riddled with a diversity of new supplement names, promising excellent weight loss results. You have undoubtedly looked through the advertisements, convincing you that the diet pills can almost instantly melt all the body fat.

It’s so easy to get lost among different brands.

Do you wonder how you can find out which products are effective?

We have a great solution for you.

We have decided to save your time and facilitate your task of finding really worthy diet supplement options. You no longer need to spend much money and experiment with your health, trying all the existing anti-obesity supplements.

We reviewed and compared all the novelties which have been recently launched on the market to offer you the most potent weight-loss over-the-counter products.

Here you will find the list of weight-loss supplements which proved to contain the safest active substances, micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins in necessary dosages.

Using these products, you are sure to wean yourself off disappointing fat and uncover the real beauty of your body.

First-Class Weight Loss Supplementation Options

Our range of dietary non-prescription supplements includes the options with different mechanisms of action. But regardless of whether these products act by decreasing the feeling of hunger, enhancing metabolic rate, killing fat, or causing the feeling of satiety, they do their work well.

These top-rated risk-free options will definitely support you on your way to a slim body.


1# PhenQ

PhenQ is the best non-synthetic equivalent of Phentermine.

This top-notch product fully consists of natural active substances with multiple useful properties.

The majority of existing natural weight-loss options on the market even is not a patch on this supplement. The product features an exclusive matchless formula created with the use of the latest innovations in the worldwide dietary supplement industry.

The scientists worked hard on the invention of this unique patented formula called a-Lacys Reset. And it really surpasses the customers’ expectations.


2# Phen24

Pneh24 is a highly innovative weight loss pill which offers unique benefits to everyone, wishing to have a much slimmer and more beautiful body.

The product has no comparable counterparts.

It stands out from the rest of diet pills due to its one-of-a-kind day and night formula.

It means that the pill works for the user’s slenderness round the clock.


3# Proactol XS

Proactol XS is a well-known innovative medically certified weight loss product which is able to effectively bind fat in the human body.

This pill acquired popularity among the users due to its high potential to promote the weight loss in a trouble-free way. And this weight loss happens because of fat intake reduction.

By choosing this product, you get a natural source of fibers which are actually responsible for the weight loss process in the body.

The non-prescription pill not only helps shed hateful pounds safely, but also allows moderate consumption of the foods you like.



Weight Loss Supplements

A very important part of the weight loss process consists of adhering to a very strict diet which doesn’t leave any room for unhealthy food cravings.
However, as most dieters can attest, sticking to a diet plan is much harder in practice than it is in theory, especially when the previously-mentioned cravings start to act up.
While in the past people mostly had to resort on their power of will in order to get through that tough period, these days things are quite different thanks to the incredible progress made in the field of medicine, or more precisely in pharmacology.
One such product that is said to help with weight loss is appetite suppressant, let’s first take a look at this product.

Best Natural Diet Pills

Often people today suffer from hunger pains and slow metabolism resulting in weight gain, yet very few find time for exercise or to take a proper diet.

Here comes the perfect solution for those people looking for natural weight loss, Acai Slimatox which is a weight loss supplement that curbs the appetite.

It is a unique blend of natural ingredients that promotes natural weight loss as well as rejuvenating your body and stimulating your mind.

Enough Healthy Sleep

It’s impossible to cut body fat effectively if you don’t pay attention to your sleep. The lack of sleep negatively affects insulin. And insulin will not be able to properly regulate blood glucose. The body will try to use more and more insulin to restore its ability to control glucose. This will slow down or even stop the fat loss process. The workouts will become unhelpful. In addition, you will suffer from the constant feeling of hunger.
If you go to sleep early, you will also save yourself from overeating at night. It’s clear that eating late at night brings to naught all the attempts to get rid of excess fat.
In addition, healthy sleep schedule contributes to fast recovery after the workouts. You will not be able to get the desired body shape without appropriate recovery.

Pre-Meal Water Consumption

Drinking one glass of water before eating is a great method to reduce food consumption. Pre-meal water consumption has many advantages for everyone, wishing to forget about extra pounds.
Water is necessary for you to provide a sense of fullness. It means that the calorie intake during each meal will decrease.
It also tackles the issue of fighting the constant feeling of hunger. As a result, you will think reasonably, giving preference to the healthy, nutrient-rich foods.
If you maintain proper water balance in the body, you will do yourself a favour. The metabolic rate will remain high. Dehydration is harmful for metabolism and, hence, worsens fat loss results.
By the way, a slice of lemon is a perfect addition to your glass of water. Water with lemon helps reduce hunger. And it’s also simply tasty and refreshing.

Total-Body Workout once per Week

Many people still can’t choose between full-body workouts and body-part split training. Opinions vary on this point.
As the name suggests, full-body training makes each major muscle group work hard during one workout for better gains. These workouts enable you to have a longer recovery period during the week.
Body-part splits mean that you should have several workouts during the week. One split implies the necessity to train one or two muscle groups. And muscle glycogen depletion requires high workout volume for getting optimal results.
The most reasonable decision is to combine both approaches to training. The total-body workout once per week is irreplaceable for fat loss. It’s also necessary to complement it with upper-body exercises and lower-body exercises. This will help you give a boost to metabolic rate and tune up your body effectively.
Regardless of a workout plan you stick to, it’s obligatory to include weight lifting workout routines to it. The right weight lifting routine will enable you to lower fat percentage to the greatest extent.

Regular Consumption of Grean Tea

If your task is to kill body fat, don’t spend even a day without drinking green tea. This beverage is essential for good metabolism and assists in fighting excess calories. Green tea is stuffed with powerful herbal substances. It also has valuable antioxidative properties. Antioxidants available in green tea are the enemies of free radicals which are very dangerous for the human body.

The natural substances which green tea contains protect the body tissues. The matter is that these tissues may suffer during high-intensity training and strict diet. So, the natural ingredients give your body necessary support and improve overall well-being when you try to lose fat.

Drinking green tea, you will also receive a small amount of caffeine. It will promote the energy upsurge and intensify the fat-destroying process.

It’s obvious that green tea is helpful for everyone, aspiring to get slimmer.

Proper Combination of Workout Routines

Many experts argue which kind of training is better for burning fat; that is, steady-state cardio training or high-intensity interval training.
Steady-state cardio implies lengthy workout routines which burn fat. High intensity interval training intensifies metabolism and elevates fat oxidation even long after the exercises are finished.

Are you guessing which training is most suitable for you? The wisest solution is to combine both ones.

You can start with interval training and continue by doing steady-state exercises. It means that one workout will include everything you need to successfully destroy fat cells. Moreover, since the intervals trigger the mechanism of glycogen depletion, the steady state will be even more beneficial than you can imagine.

More High Carbohydrate Foods

Many people underestimate the benefits which high-carb foods can offer. The majority of people prefer to adhere to the low-carb diet only. They are convinced that the low-carb foods will provide the desired decrease in body fat. But in the long run, such diet can lead to the negative consequences.

If you eat only the low-carb foods, your leptin levels will inevitably drop. As a result, food cravings arise more often and metabolic rate decreases. The fat loss task will be difficult to solve.

Even if you are going to continue following the low-carb diet, you should have at least 2 days when you also let yourself eat the high-carb foods. If you do so, you will make your body “believe” that there are no restrictions on carbohydrates’ consumption. And it will be possible to maintain your metabolic rate high.

Also, if you add more high carbohydrate foods to your diet, serotonin levels will elevate. It means that you will have a more positive attitude towards life while getting slimmer.

If you worry about the necessity to eat the high-carb foods, do this before a high-intensity workout routine. It’s a great way to feel calm, knowing that you will definitely burn the calories in the gym.

Avoid Liquid Calories

Many people fall into trap of a belief that beverages are harmless. But the consumption of sugary drinks and alcohol is fraught with weight gain. And this weight gain is much more rapid, comparing to the weight gain because of solid calorie intake. When you think you are just drinking, you actually consume liquid calories.
Cocktails, alcohol, soda, coke, juices, tea and coffee with sugar and cream are high in liquid calories. And in most cases, these calories are “empty”. You gain weight but even don’t feel satiated. Sugary drinks are especially dangerous for children. Anyway, both children and adults should drink as little calories as possible.

Get Rid of Food Addiction

Food addiction is a serious problem for millions of people. According to one study findings, almost 20% of approximately 200,000 participants suffered from food addiction. This, of course, leads to obesity which is very difficult to overcome.
If you feel that hunger pangs overrule you, your only desire is to eat, and you can’t stop, then most probably you belong to food addicted people. Try to distract attention from food in any way convenient for you and ask for professional help to find the optimal solution.

Always Eat Healthy Foods

The most widespread mistake all overweight people do is their adherence to different diets. But if you struggle with undesirable pounds, you should remember that none most modern diet will solve your problem forever.

Diets may work for a while. However, if you want not only decrease body weight, but also ward off weight gain, you should forget about different diets. You will have a slim body only if you eat healthy foods every day. Eating healthy is actually the only way to get in shape and keep the weight off.

Major Types of Fat Loss Supplements

There is a wide spectrum of dietary supplements which are targeted at the particular aspects of weight loss process. When you are trying to find the most suitable supplement, you should know for sure what your main concern is.
If you can’t manage to regulate your feeling of hunger, the appetite suppressants are what you need.
If you belong to people who always feel tired and exhausted during the weight loss journey, the fat burners will perfectly cope with the task of accelerating your metabolism.
Below we will look through the 5 widespread types of fat loss supplements. And you will get to know the peculiarities of each type.

Fat Burners

Fat burners are known to have thermogenic properties due to which it’s possible to give a boost to metabolism. These supplements have won the enormous popularity among the customers because they are targeted at killing belly fat and revealing well-developed abdominal muscles.
Such supplements belong to the best sellers. They typically consist of the active substances which help both enhance metabolism and regulate the feeling of hunger.
Mechanism of Action: Fat burners have a stimulatory effect due to which metabolic rate increases. As a result, the mechanism of fat burning triggers. The supplementation is aimed at intensifying thermogenesis. If thermogenesis is intensive, you can get rid of more calories, comparing to the period you don’t use any supplements.
Active Substances: Previously, all the fat burners obligatorily contained Ephedrine which actually was the most important ingredient. The matter is that that efficacy of this active substance is very high. However, now it’s forbidden to purchase it without a prescription. The new harmless fat burning ingredients were launched to the market. And they give excellent results. It’s advisable to choose the pills which consist of Hordenine, Synephrile HCL, Yohimbine HCL, and 2-Phenylethylamine (PEA). Fat burning pills of herbal origin typically consist of Rapberry Ketones, Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Capsicum Extract.
Adverse Effects and Safety: Fat burners have the strongest fat killing effects. However, the cost of these supplements is also high. Such products are considered quite safe. But you should be very careful if stimulatory substances are contraindicative to you. If you suffer from any disease, it’s better to visit a doctor before taking stimulants. Possible adverse effects may include racing heart, jitteriness, and insomnia (if used in the late afternoon).

Appetite Suppressors

Everyone wishing to lose weight should adhere to a well-balanced diet. And it’s the most difficult aspect of each weight loss journey. That’s why it’s very important to control own feeling of hunger. Appetite suppressors help solve this issue successfully. For this reason, the customers often give preference to these supplements.
Mechanism of Action: The effects of appetite suppressors are clear from their name. These supplements decrease appetite, release from hunger pangs, and prevent from eating unhealthy snacks and junk food. As a result, it’s possible to cut your daily calorie intake. Using appetite suppressors, you will save your diet plan from collapse and stay the course without any difficulties. This will lead to the desirable weight loss.
Active Substances: 5-HTP and 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine belong to the most significant active substances available in the formulas of appetite suppressors. The most widespread herbal ingredients typically include Glucomannan, Hoodia Gordonii, and Garcinia Cambogia.

Carb Blockers

Some people simply can’t withstand the temptation to eat foods with superfluous amount of carbs. These foods include cereals, pizza, pastas, and breads. To help these people lose weight, carb blockers were developed.
Mechanism of Action: These supplements don’t allow the absorption of carbs in the digestive tract. The starches present in foods are attached to special active substances available in the carb blockers. These blockers impede starch digestion, preventing the formation of fat storages in the body. Such ingredients are called starch-enzyme blockers. The matter is that they directly participate in the inhibition of alpha-amylase synthesis. Alpha-amylase is an enzyme involved in the breakage of starches. If this enzyme is not synthesized, starches are not turned into sugars. As a result, the digestion of starches becomes impossible.

Fat Blockers

There are people who can’t refuse consuming fatty foods and can’t adhere to a healthy diet because of this. Fat blockers are a great invention for these people. The use of such blockers enables people to successfully deal with all fats they consume daily.
Mechanism of Action: The principle of fat blockers’ action resembles the action of carb blockers. These supplements are the inhibitors which don’t allow the digestive tract to absorb cholesterol and fat. Fat is attached to the ingredients available in the fat blockers. And a certain amount of fat remains undigested and simply moves unchanged through the digestive system.
Active Substances: Chitosan and Orlistat are the major active substances in the fat blockers. Chitosan is known as a fibrous compound derived from the crustaceans shells. Typically, crab shells and lobster shrimp shells are used. This active substance has a science-backed potential to inhibit cholesterol and fat absorption in the digestive tract. It’s worth mentioning that the research findings concerning the Chitosan potency for weight loss are quite contradictory. Orlistat is a patent-awarded active ingredient that blocks fats. There are a prescription form of this ingredient called Xenical and its non-prescription form known under the name of Alli.
Adverse Effects and Safety: Fat blockers belong to the medicines the intake of which you may wish to avoid. The matter is that they cause some very unpleasant adverse effects which abash the patients. These adverse effects include spasms, flatus, fecal incontinence, and semi-liquid feces. Be very careful if you are going to use a fat blocker. It’s recommended to ask your healthcare provider for advice to find out whether it will not be harmful to your health to take such pills. That’s because the fat blockers may prevent the absorption of vitamins which are soluble in lipids. This may lead to the risk of the lack of important vitamins.

Prescription Weight Loss Medications

Prescription weight loss medications feature the highest level of efficacy among all existing dietary products. These medications ensure the best weight loss results. However, you will have to get a prescription to purchase such pills.
Since it’s obligatory to have a prescription for the purchase of these medications, only people who suffer from obesity take them. In these people, obesity is often accompanied with many other diseases. That’s why they have to approach the weight loss issue with a great caution.
These weight loss pills help substantially decrease body weight and overcome obesity. But still they very frequently lead to the occurrence of serious adverse effects. Therefore, the healthcare professional has to control the intake of these pills which you reasonably can’t buy without a prescription.

best weight loss pills

Three Win-Win Tips to Surely Lose Weight

There are some crucial tips which can 100% help everyone shed extra pounds:

Drink Enough Water

Everyone knows that water is very crucial for our bodies. But still the majority of people doesn’t take this fact serious and drinks very little water.
If you don’t drink enough water, you start suffering from food cravings. This leads to the increase in calories you take. Since you overeat, you gain weight.
If you think that you satisfy your need of liquids when you drink coffee, tea or soda, you are completely wrong. Sugary drinks such as sweet juices only worsen the situation since in this case you will consume much added sugar. So, don’t confuse pure water with all the other beverages.
The importance of pure water lies in the fact that it is not laden with extra calories as opposed to the sugary beverages. Water also cleanses your body of toxins in a natural way which is very beneficial for the overall health and, of course, for the weight loss.
It’s clinically proven that water intake contributes to the decrease in body weight. Thus, one study has indicated that half a liter of cold water makes the body of an adult person to intensify resting energy expenditure by 24-30%. The duration of this effect is 1 hour. It means that more calories are burnt during 1 hour. Another 12-month study that involved women with excessive weight has shown that drinking more than 1 liter of water daily leads to the decrease in body weight by 2 kg. This happens without any additional efforts such as lifestyle changes. Some other researches which lasted for several weeks gave evidence that people with excessive weight, who consumed approximately 1-1.5 liters of water per day, have managed to reduce body fat percentage, body weight, waist circumference, and body mass index.
According to different studies, water intake before eating suppresses the feeling of hunger. One research that involved middle-aged people with overweight and obesity has demonstrated that water consumption before eating enabled these people to get rid of 44% more weight, comparing to people who didn’t follow this recommendation. One more study has shown that it’s enough to just drink water before breakfast in order to cut the calorie intake by 13%. This results in weight loss.
It’s considered that an average person should drink 8 glasses of water per day. However, it’s quite a generalized statement. The matter is that water consumption depends on the individual needs of each person, gender, health condition, lifestyle, and even season. For example, while women need 8 glasses of water daily, men may need even 12 glasses. Also, if you are working out intensely at the gym or sweating during the hot summer, you, of course, need more water than in cold season or without intense physical activity. Just listen to your body and prevent it from becoming dehydrated.
To promote weight loss or avoid weight gain, it’s recommended to drink water 20 minutes before eating and about an hour after eating.

Make Your Sleep Adequate

Many people underestimate the importance of good sleep. According to the US study, approximately 30% of adults have a night sleep that lasts less than 6 hours. That’s why it often becomes a missing factor that doesn’t allow people to lose weight and keep it off.
The lack of sleep contributes to weight gain and even obesity. The research has proven that the risk of obesity grows by 55% in adults and by 89% in children if the duration of their sleep is unsatisfactory.
Too short sleep makes people feel hungrier than usually. This happens because the duration of sleep has an influence on the hunger hormones called leptin and ghrelin. When leptin levels are low and ghrelin levels are high because of short sleep duration, appetite inevitably increases.
Thus, the study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has indicated that people who had not enough sleep tended to eat more high-calorie snacks late at night. One more study conducted at the University of Chicago has shown that for people who lacked sleep the risk of eating fatty snacks increased by 2 times, comparing to people who slept 8 hours and more. Another study has demonstrated that people who are deprived of sleep consume more food than people who have normal duration of sleep. This leads to weight gain.
Sleep deprivation is the reason because of which people consume more calories than they actually need. This fact was proved by the study that involved 12 men. When these men slept just 4 hours per night they consumed 559 extra calories, comparing to the 8-hour night sleep.
Resting metabolic rate on which your body weight depends also suffers in sleep-deprived people. During the study, it was found out that the participants who haven’t slept for 24 hours experienced the decrease in resting metabolic rate by 5%, while metabolic rate after meals dropped by 20%, comparing to the period the participants had adequate night sleep.
The lack of sleep may result in insulin resistance. It means that your appetite will increase, while the calories that you consume will be turned into fat storages. You will finally gain unwanted pounds. And, what is even more serious, type 2 diabetes may develop.
It’s very significant not only to take care of the duration of sleep, but also to develop a healthy sleep pattern. To successfully cope with overweight problem and prevent obesity, it’s ideal to go to bed no later than at 10.00 p.m.