Why You Are Fat and They Are Not

Have you ever wonder why some people are always slim without much effort made? They never attend any so called healthy weight loss program and they seem to eat everything you eat and do not go for massive exercises yet have a fantastic body shape?

There must be a difference between you and them. But what are they? The questions bother me much as a lot of my close friends face the same challenges. And I deeply believe there are people out there facing the same problems: Losing weight for a short period of time, and the pounds always come back, and usually bring along a few of their friends.

My friends tried various healthy weight loss and diet program. They also joined fitness center for sweaty workouts. All did not work well as they expected. Finally, they came to a conclusion. They blamed their genetics or other weight loss myth that make them overweight. They just could not help out even they wanted as their ballooning weight was totally out of their control.

Is that what you think also? It does not matter whether your answer is Yes or No. Please don’t get me wrong. Healthy diet and exercise are correct ways for healthy weight loss results. And I do believe you have make your very best to work it out. So, what are the real obstacles that make you fail in losing weight and keep it off? Out of my curiosity, I observe and talk to the group of people who are overweight and slim, finding out the actual causes that differentiate them. I do hope you go through this article carefully, because it will definitely help you for healthy weight loss purpose.

Join the Correct Group of People

Have you heard about the old saying that “birds of a feather tend to flock together”? It is not just that you are attracted to people that are similar to you, but you actually BECOME like your friends or family members from spending time together often. In another words, the people you spend the most time with will influence heavily on your lifestyle and eating habits.

How frequent you heard the saying about “like father like son”? How many times you discover an overweight child from overweight parents? And have you noticed that the different groups of people that you spend time with are either, almost entirely fit in shape or entirely out of shape?

You need to aware this, acknowledge the real situation before you decide to take further action. So, let us see what is in the mind of this group of people and what are they doing to maintain fit and slim.

Sharing on Maintaining Healthy Body Weight

The group of people I talk to ranging from gym fans, yoga members, earthy granola types as well as housewife groups. They have different views and opinions on how to maintain a healthy body weight that you will not want to miss them.
Rebecca is an office lady from the group who is in favor of gym workouts. The group of her friends seems never to lack the discipline to hit the gym. All of them have amazing body shapes as they work out every time. And of course, they eat healthy food.

Ruff learns yoga for 10 years. She used to overweight before. She manages to adjust her eating habit, fitting to her body’s need after learning yoga. According to her, she eats less emotionally, understanding what her body really needs. She never feels so happy with her slim body now, even though she never joining any diet or healthy weight loss program.

Elaine is an earthy granola type of lady. She always goes for social services and promotes environmental friendly concept. Without using makeup and expensive skin care products, she manages to enjoy healthy skin and good health.

And last is Nicole, a housewife who is busy taking care of 4 kids. She performs exercise 3 times in a week, eat healthy and maintain a fantastic body shape, even after giving birth of 4 kids. And guess what? Her friends she spends time with are exactly having the same healthy body weight as she is.

What make me curious is what make them all have the same fit and slim body, while what are they doing are quite different among themselves. After going deeper, I finally discover there are 2 things that clearly every one of these women has in common when it comes to the food they eat and the focus they place.

1) Eat for Nourishing the Body

When they eat, they eat for nourishing the body, rather than eat for pleasure alone. For example, Rebecca eat food that contribute to her lean muscle mass building. She understands how many calories and what type of food that her body needs to make her look and maintain fit. Ruff believes fresh and unprocessed foods will help in her spiritual practice, and thus seldom touch fast foods. Elaine always goes for organic foods. She cannot tolerate putting man-made chemicals and coloring into her body, which will burden the liver’s work load. Nicole does not forbid any types of food, as long as she eat a well-balanced diet, including carbohydrates (refers grain here), protein, vegetables and fruits in a correct proportion. (You may refer calculate calories article for correct food proportion for healthy weight loss purpose)

I look back my personal experience. I lost 8 kg 10 years ago and maintain the weight around the similar level since then. I have a slim body now and I enjoy having it. However, everyone said I had a big bone structure 10 years ago. Even my 20-years experience yoga teacher said it was hard for me to reduce weight as my body was so called “fit body shape”. But believe me, I was not fit, I had extra body fat that time. In fact, I neither change much of my lifestyle and daily activities, nor joining any healthy weight loss program. The main thing I do is just adjusting my diet habit. Applying 80/20 rules, I include 80% of healthy diet in my meal, while allowing some so called unhealthy food on and off in an appropriate amount.

2) Focus on Healthy Body

When they eat, they think the consequence of the food towards the body. According to Ruff, she used to eat for pleasure before she lost weight. She felt satisfied the moment she ate. Anyway, she was overwhelmed by the feeling of guilty after that. Her emotion flies high and down, making her more stress and gain more weight. After practicing yoga, she starts to learn how different types of food infect her mentally and physically. With the inner peace, she slim down by just focusing on having healthy body.

As for Nicole, she never thinks of losing weight in her life. According to her, keeping an eye on enjoying good health makes she eat healthily and exercise regularly. When you do the right things, the results will reflect at your appearance automatically.


The root reason a people who can slim down is from inside, not outer factor. You are in the healthy weight loss progress the moment your mind switch to eating for nourishing and focus on having good health. Of course, you need to socialize with the right group of people besides understand the other weight loss concept.

Believe me, the root reason a people who can lose weight and keep it off is from inside, the change of mind towards health, rather than just want to slim down because he or she is overweight.

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How To Lose Weight?

This question has been asked by many people and it must be addressed before you try to lose weight.

You must first truly understand how to lose the weight properly.

This article is all about properly losing weight. We are writing an easy to understand yet thorough explanation of exactly what you need to do for a successful weight loss journey.

The how, the why, and most importantly, the WHAT you need to do.

However, don’t try to skip ahead. You need to read this entire article to truly know what needs to be done.

So by the end of this article you will know what you need to do in order to lose weight.
If this sounds good to you, let’s begin.


Calories are what are contained in food and drinks.

The true knowledge in weight loss lies within the calorie content. Everything you eat and drink contains calories, and everything you do burns some of those calories.

If you consume the exact same number of calories your body burns, then your weight should stay the same.

Your body actually burns calories just by sitting on the couch and even sleeping. The average person burns well over 1200 calories per day just by functioning.

You must be wondering, if everything that you do burns calories, and the food you eat contains calories, shouldn’t they simply cancel each other out? Well, they should.

However, there is a very important rule.

The only way you can lose weight is to burn more calories daily than you consume.

It’s really that easy!

The true secret to lose weight is to make up a diet or meal plan that consists of healthy foods that give you enough calories to function daily.

Give your body less calories than you normally eat to truly lose weight. If you’ve been eating 2,000 calories per day, try eating 1800, or 1600.

Gaining weight is usually a simple explanation. You eat more than you burn in a day. It’s a case of math. To lose excess weight, you simply just need to eat less and if you can, exercise more.

Starvation or “Crash Dieting”

Many people try to starve themselves by severely limiting their caloric intake or they “Crash diet”.

It’s bad and extremely unhealthy to do this.

Most of the time, you are merely losing your lean muscle mass instead of body fat when you do this.

Many times the body will actually hold on to the fat during a starvation period because it thinks that it needs to hold on to it to survive.

I know it can be a tempting thought, but you really must not.

Easy quick fixes are bad and usually result in gaining the weight back. Not to mention potential for harming your body and making a trip to the emergency room.

Weight Loss Exercises

By now, you know that you must burn more calories than you consume.

You can do this by eating less calories but another wonderful way to truly help is to exercise more.

Moving your body more than you do now will do wonders for your weight loss and help you burn those excess calories.

Exercising is obviously a very healthy way to help you burn those excess calories.

You can do something as simple as walking at a brisk or moderate pace for a half an hour a day, go to the gym and work out on the various machines.

Or you can ever get a great work out program on DVD that can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Any of these activities are going to be great for you.

It not only helps you drop weight but it gives your health a boost.

The Best Way to Lose Weight?

A proper diet plan combined with a proper workout is the best weight loss method.

The best way to lose weight for dropping body fat, burning calories, and getting healthy is to combine a healthy diet with some easy to do exercises.

However, you really must be willing to make this change to see weight loss.

In this day and age, shouldn’t there be a way to help speed up weight loss in a healthy way?

The Weight Loss Supplements

Now that you know about exercising, eating right, and burning more calories than you consume, why not check out weight loss supplements? They’ll give you a huge boost with your weight loss.

There are some great weight loss supplements that are natural and actually increase your energy levels, give you a faster metabolism, and help you burn off calories at a faster rate than you could on your own.

Weight loss supplements can really help jump start your weight loss.

You just need to choose the best weight loss supplements to help you in this journey.

Supplements MUST meet the following criteria:

They must be scientifically proven to be effective for weight loss and health benefits like PhenQ. Too many companies promise fast weight loss but without a scientific backing, it’s just too hard to believe. Many companies will try to scam you.

Second, the supplements must be deemed safe. You do not want to be risking your health even further by taking dangerous weight loss pills. You do not want to cause your body permanent harm.

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