How does Weight Watchers Online Work And When will You See Results

Weight Watchers has been on the scene for about 50 years offering people with meal plans, products and support to assist them with weight loss. Weight Watchers offer two approaches to weight loss – the Online program and the in person Meetings. They are both separate and usually the online participants are not eligible to go in for the monthly meetings. This video gives you an introduction to Weight Watchers Online.

What are the principles behind Weight Watchers Online?

The online program of the Weight Watchers uses the same principles as the in person program. The online program allows flexibility in its usage.
You are not tied down to a weekly meeting and weigh in sessions.
The online program helps you keep your identity private and allows you to access numerous tools and resources that may not be available to in person participants.

How does it work?

Weight Watchers is based on scientific principles and if used correctly you will see success with your weight loss or weight maintenance.
The online tool allows you to keep track of your food intake and point system.
You can get support by participating in the message boards, get approved recipes from the website and get tips for incorporating physical activity in your life.
The Point system calculates a 1000 calorie deficit for weight loss and once you get to your goal, you start a maintenance phase where you slowly add back calories until you no longer gain or lose weight. This phase lasts for six weeks typically.
The point value of each food is based on its macronutrient content and fiber content. The foods with higher fat and carbohydrates are higher and you get credit for a high fiber food.
Depending on your goal weight you have 26 to 50 points to spend. Fruits and vegetables have 0 point value. You also get some additional weekly points.

Where can you find support?

The online program requires motivation and dedication on your part. Since you will be missing out on monthly meetings with the counselor, you must be self-driven. You should also be particular about logging in your food intake. You can contact other dieters through message boards and get support. However, for the most part you are doing it by yourself. As long as you stick with the plan and follow the guidelines, you will be able to achieve your goals without meeting with a counselor.

Is Weight Watchers Online only for the USA?

The Weight Watchers online program is very popular in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. In addition, it is available in 30 other countries. The point system is slightly different for each country depending on the nutrition label, but the basic principle remains the same.

What is the cost of Weight Watchers Online?

The Weight Watchers online is about $18.95 per month with a signup fee of $29.95. If you buy 3 months at a time, you may get a discount.

Is the price justified?

The cost factor is what keeps most people away from Weight Watchers. However, this approach for dietary and lifestyle changes keeps you accountable and helps you with your weight loss goals.
It allows you to choose your foods without any restrictions and it does not tout a certain food group. You can easily fit this plan into your lifestyle as long you keep track of your food budget.
This program also helps lay foundation to lead healthy life.

When will you see results?

The online tool is self-paced and therefore you will see results at the pace you set. The program is as good as you make it work for you. If you are diligent with your intake and you stay within your allowed points each day, you will see results sooner than if you were to not follow the plan.
Tip: Adding exercise to the mix will speed up your metabolism and you will see better results sooner.
In a nutshell, the Weight Watchers online program is convenient and customized to fit your need. It does require work from your part but is easy to follow. The plan is based on scientific principles and encourages you to make changes that will stay with you for a long time.

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