5 Criteria for a Strategic Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Perform the right weight loss exercise as well as eat a well balanced diet are important in a healthy weight loss program. Before you start you weight loss exercise plan, please consider the below 5 important criteria:

1) Exercise Scheduling

The first thing to do is put it on a fixed schedule once you decide to perform weight loss exercise. For the first 3 months, spend 3 separate times a week for your weight loss exercise. If you have never ever been exercising for years, then start with once a week for the first month, increase to minimum 2, ideally 3 separate times for the next 2 months.

Get one scheduling book and take it out right now, and make a date with yourself. For example, if you choose to exercise on Sunday, Tuesday and Thusday, set that particular date and time as your exercise session and make them as a priority. If you just wait to slot in some exercise to your schedule after everything else, even kids know is not going to happen, right?

Commit to your weight loss exercise scheduling. Let say you have your exercise schedule on Sunday, Tuesday and Thusday and now you are going for holiday on weekend and will be back only on Sunday night. If you are serious enough about your program for weight loss, you will reschedule the timetable, say Saturday before your holiday and Monday after you back from the holiday. This will still end up of 3 times exercises in a week. This is so-called commitment in losing weight.

2) Allocation of Time

If you aim for boosting metabolism and losing body fats, then allocate 25% of the exercise time to cardiovascular exercise and 75% of the time to strength and resistance training. Always remember, strength and resistance training is the only weight loss exercise that can boost your metabolism and thus enables calories burning 24 hours a day through maintain and build lean muscle tissue.

So, if you plan to exercise for one and a half hour, that means you will spend about 25 minutes in cardiovascular exercise, and about one hour for strength and resistance training. Don’t get me wrong, cardiovascular exercise is a good exercise and has health benefit, just you need to perform the right weight loss exercise if your purpose is losing body fat.

It is advisable to schedule your weight loss exercise every other day. This is because for strength and resistance training, your body needs time to build lean muscle tissue. Muscle tissue needs about 48 hours to grow for most of the big muscle groups such as back, chest and legs, while it needs about 24 hours to grow for the smaller muscle groups such as bicep, tricep, and the abdominals.

3) Do your Fitness Evaluation

If you have experienced a joint or muscular problem such as bad knee or back in the past, it is advisable to do your fitness evaluation before any weight loss exercise. Through the fitness evaluation, your doctor or physical therapist could advice you on your schedule and method for weight loss exercise to meet your individual needs. If you do neglect these body weaknesses, that injuries might get worse and finally force you to break down and cease in your weight loss exercise.

4) Keep exercise record

It is always good to have a notebook to record your weight loss exercise progress. Bear in mind, a strategic weight loss exercise plan requires progression, and progression needs none other than documentation. You can only decide when to move to next level of training with the data. Same as dieting, you need to record down whatever you put into your mouth. Remember, we always tend to overestimate the calories expended, and underestimate the calories intake. That is why we need to keep a weight loss exercise record.

Particulars of cardiovascular exercise should include:

Date: Date you perform the exercise
Type of exercise: Such as stationary bike, treadmill etc
Time: How many minutes you perform the exercise
Intensity: which level or the speed
Heart rate range: For example 140 to 145 for stationary bike
Particulars of strength and resistance training should include:

Date: Date you perform the exercise
Type of exercise: Such as hip extension, lat pulldown etc
Weight/Band: Dumbbell weight or colour of the SPRI exercise tube
Number of repetitions: For example 10 times or 12 times
Speed: For example 4 counts down, 2 up for lat pulldown

5) Invest some exercise equipments

Invest some exercise equipments and related accessories if you are serious in doing weight loss exercise. It is not necessary to spend over thousands on weight loss exercise equipments and diet pills to see good results in losing weight. Get more information about exercise equipments if you do think to invest some. Always buy them based on your allocated budget and the most important thing is use them if you buy the exercise equipments.

Actually, weight loss is not difficult if you really understand the weight loss concept. The most important thing is we need to go back to the basic things: perform right weight loss exercise, build good lifestyle and eating habit.

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