Weight Loss: Differences Between Men and Women

It is important for us to understand the differences between men and women in weight loss as men are biologically different from women. Generally, most women struggle with weight more than most men. One of my female friends claims that female feel stressed and demotivated when they try to lose weight together with their partners. In her case, it seems that her husband can lose weight easily even in his sleep but she starves herself all week long and does not even lose a pound.

Do you have the same above experience as well? That is why we need to understand the differences between men and women in weight loss. This will help you (or your partner) feel more confident on your weight loss schedule and thus will not simply give up in any program for weight loss.

Below are 5 differences between men and women in weight loss:

1) Women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat than men. Men require only 3% essential body fat to properly function the body while women require 12% of essential body fat due to their reproductive organs and breasts.

2) One of the differences between men and women is women go through menopause. This will double the loss of lean muscle and cause slower metabolism. As the results, women will face higher challenge in losing weight unless they understand the benefits of strength training to build lean muscle and increase their metabolism.

3) Women have common fear towards strength training. They think they are going to get big lurks at the body if they perform strength training, while this is completely not true. In fact, strength training helps women shrink and look fitter than any time.

4) Another one of differences between men and women is men do not have pregnancy issue. Some women gain too much weight during pregnancies. It is acceptable for a female to gain weight of 12kg to 16kg while pregnant, but there are some women who have gained 20kg, 25kg, 30kg or even more during their pregnancies. At the end, they need to put extra hard work in weight loss job after the pregnancy is over.

5) Women have less lean muscle tissue than men. As lean muscle can burn 16 times more calories than body fat, this is one of the reasons why men can consume more calories than women. The condition becomes worse when women diet without doing strength training. Their lean muscle tissues will be cannibalized accordingly, and thus cause a slower metabolism. This mean they need to eat even lesser or else they could gain weight easily.

Understanding the differences between men and women in weight loss will help you to understand better about yourself and thus you could have a better weight loss plan. Get more tips on weight loss in a healthy weight loss program, and include a balance diet as well as performing the right exercise if you are really serious about losing weight.

Lose Weight Easily With Fat Burners

Most people find it difficult to loose weight.

Many individuals lead busy lives and do not have the extra time to spend in the gym working out in effort to shed pounds.

However, there is a solution to this. There is a way to make it work even with little spare time.

Putting Fat Burners to Work for You

You have probably seen otc diet pills marketed instead as supplements for loosing weight. These are typically chemicals in pill form that will aid in the speeding up of one’s metabolism, the suppression of the appetite, and the burning of fat more efficiently.

Fat burners really do help you to get healthier.

One of the benefits of fat burners is to suppress the appetite.

PhenQ is an especially powerful appetite suppressant. What this means is that you will have less hunger and therefore not eat such large meals and/or snack several times throughout the day.

The reduction in eating allows individuals to see results immediately.

Its very simple. People eat when they are hungry. If they are less hungry then they will eat less!

Another powerful component of fat burners is the fact that they will capitalize on the already minimal time that you have to dedicate to exercise.

Everyone needs exercise in their life. Exercising is a necessity of the body.

However, you do not need to work out for hours at a time to get the results you are looking for.

30 minutes or so per day with a fat burner included is all you need. Not only would you be burning more calories, you will also speed up your metabolism.

The increased metabolism will provide more energy which will allow you to work out to the most of your potential and thus to lose weight quickly.

The Top Fat Burning Diet Pills

There are many different fat burners out there, all claiming to provide extreme results. They say that you can burn more fat, suppress appetite, detoxify the body to lose 7 pounds in 7 days and speed up the metabolism, and so much more. They talk about having only the top diet pills to offer you, and many talk about just how amazing their diet pill can be compared to many other competitors. Some talk about having no side effects, or some say that their product is just so powerful that only professionals are actually meant to take it! But the question of course is, do these diet pills actually work?

The top diet pills can be surprisingly easy to find. You have to find the right sites of course. But there are many sites whether consumer review sites or review sites as a whole that talk about diet pills and just how effective they can be! There are many who list top options, and you cannot automatically trust them just because they say it is true of course.

But there are sites that go over the real facts. They cover the real ingredients needed to show results in real weight loss. They go over the amounts needed to produce these results according to clinical studies. And they cover the possible side effects and damage that can be done with the wrong products! When it comes to finding the top fat burning diet pills, you will find many resources out there that can be surprisingly dependable. Just make sure that what they are saying not only makes sense, but it actually checks out with reality and real clinical studies.

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