Walking for Weight Loss: Stand up and Go to Your Ideal Body

In order to walk, it is not necessary to purchase expensive equipment or pay a fitness instructor. This kind of exercise is useful to almost everyone, regardless of health status or age. You just need to choose your route and time.

What are the Advantages of Walking?

Walking is a result of complex activity of the muscles of the body and limbs. The benefit of walking is determined by the fact that it involves biomechanical and neurophysiologic processes that affect the entire body. Different groups of leg muscles work and this activity ensures the tonus of the whole body.

Work of the feet during walking activates the bloodstream: blood intensively enriches internal organs with oxygen, speeding up metabolic processes.
Active energy processes help to reduce fat: 15 min. of walking in an average rate (1.5 km) burns 100 kcal.

Regular walking improves immunity and endurance, relieves stress, positively affects mental health and also improves sleeping.

There are almost no contraindications for walking. Everyone can choose the pace and time of walking for himself.

Moreover, intensive walking surely results in losing weight due to the facts that:

  • When a person walks, his body takes energy from storages of fat.
  • Not only the legs, but all other muscles of the body work during walking: the hip area ensures the mobility of the legs, back and abdomen maintain balance and even posture, arms and shoulders ensure balancing.
  • Walking accelerates the metabolism. Due to it, the body receives more useful micronutrients from food, and toxins are removed from it.

How to Walk in Order to Lose Weight?

If you seriously decide to choose this kind of physical activity, you should consider a few nuances.

1. The effect of walking depends on its speed. For example, a slow walk, when a person does about 70 steps per minute, calms and relieves tension. However, it does not bring any tangible training effect. If you go at a fast pace (more than 120 steps per minute), then this walk can replace a full training in the gym.

2. Watch your heartbeat: it should exceed normal values ​​by 65-75%. To do this, you can use a heart rate monitor or simply count the number of heart beats per minute.

3. The breathing during walking should be smooth and deep. If you are engaged with friends, then try not to talk, as this will push you out the rhythm and disturb the frequency of breaths and exhalations.

4. Practice regularly. To increase the overall fitness of the body and start the process of losing weight, you should have physical exercises, including walking, 5-6 times a week.

5. If your aim is not just to improve your figure, but to get rid of a great amount of extra kilos, you can supplement walking with a diet, a personal instructor or natural weight loss pills.

6. Give enough time to practice. This does not mean that you need to spend several hours every day in the park or in the stadium. To begin with, it will be enough to spend 30-60 minutes walking daily. At the same time, you can walk either half an hour a day or 10-15 minutes in the morning, lunch and evening.

7. Set a distance and try to pass it, and later increase it. To control the distance you have passed, practice in the stadium, where one circle is usually equal to 400 meters.

8. A pedometer can help you easily track the distance that you covered during the day, as well as the number of steps you have made.

And don’t forget, that proper walking should be simple and natural. Get pleasure from it and you’ll be rewarded with good health and super appearance!

Natural Fat Burners Tips

Dieters who are very serious about achieving their fitness goals would normally be interested to know about natural fat burners tips as they have decided to go natural. The tips laid out in this article work in line with natural fat burners for men and women. You’ll be able to reach your weight loss goal much more effectively and faster if you know about the proper diet and workout. That’s why you need these natural fat burners tips.

If your primary goal is to lose fat and retain muscle then you should consider the following tips:

1) Cardio exercise before eating breakfast

The reasons are: Insulin levels are bottomed out, hormone sensitive lipase (enzyme that releases the fat) is active, and lipoprotein lipase (enzyme that stores the fat) is dormant. Also, you would have less glucose in your blood, thus it would force your body to burn the fat instead of burn calorie from your breakfast (if you just ate a meal). Limit your cardio exercise to 45 minutes, because if it’s too long your body will get starved and then will eat up muscle tissue. Professional bodybuilders apply these natural fat burners tips.

2) Weight training

If you do it regularly, your body will burn more calories when you are at rest, usually up to 39 hours after workout, according to studies. Weight training also develops more muscles. More muscle means more calories will be burnt every day.

Secondly, you need weight training to hold your lean muscle. Otherwise, your body will burn its lean muscle, resulting in a soft skeleton body very soon. Do weight training at least 3 times a week. These natural fat burners tips have been proven by professional bodybuilders.

3) High-intensity exercise

During your workout session, you can consider to alternate your brief rest periods with high-intensity exercise. You first need to warm up. Then you can do jumping rope. Jump the rope as fast as you can for 10 to 20 seconds, followed by a half minute at a slower tempo. Follow these natural fat burners tips, and you will increase the effectiveness of your workout.

4) Ignore the scale reading

Remember that you can lose fat and gain muscle. Let’s say you ate good diet and trained hard. Then you lost 3 pounds and built 3 pounds of muscle. If you weight on scale, you would still weight the same despite a good progress you made. This could leave you unhappy.

Scale should be used as a guide only. The most important thing is how you would look in the mirror, how your clothes fit, and how you feel. Natural fat burners tips that makes sense, right?

Apply all of these natural fat burners tips in your workout and you’ll be on the right path to achieving your fitness goals.

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