Truth about Abs

A perfect set of abs is a gateway to a great personality. It is often said that great abs will give you some brownie points in terms of a perfect cloth fitting, posture and tons of confidence. When someone talks about abs, he or she is actually taking about abdominal muscles. Abs is a part of slang yet popularly accepted way of describing abdominal based muscles.

Scientifically, the abs muscles are those muscles which run up and down along the abdominal wall of a human body. Like other body parts, even our abdominal muscles need exercise or else a thick layer of fats cover this area.

Abdominal Fat and Abs

With a sedentary lifestyle coupled with the intake of fats based diet, the mankind is moving towards a situation where even the textbooks would have a centrally obese (fats at the abdominal area) person’s picture. Whatever we eat gets digested to some extent (and other aspects) and some parts of it get converted into fats. Fats stored get displayed on body portions like thighs, abdomen, back etc.
Some Facts about Abs
• The abdominal area is the toughest part of the body is terms of getting a toned physique.
• Most members who enter a gymnasium have abs on their mind when they say something like – ‘I want to be fit’ or ‘I want a good physique’.
• Abs is not a gender based mechanism, so women have abs.
• On an average, abdominal exercises are considered some of the toughest.
• Most men and women will have at least a small layer of fats covering the abs. 

The 6 Packs

The 6 packs concept (along with the 8 packs) is considered a benchmark, a standard to describe a toned body. From the outside, the abdominal muscles (in case of 6 packs) look like 2 horizontal columns of rectangular lines set apart (3 shapes appear over each other in 2 sets).

Ways to Get the Perfect Abs

The overall shape of abs is affected by 2 things: one is the diet intake and second being the amount of exercise a person performs. A majority of food stuffs will provide a number of calories, and most of them will lead of fats to some extent at least. So, the most important tool to fight fats is via an exercise routine.
Every exercise helps a certain body part to a major extent, apart from affecting other related body parts to a smaller extent. So, when it comes to abs, crunches are the most common mode of exercise. Better the posture, positioning and breathing better are the results of crunches.

Other Methods of Getting Abs

The process how crunches affect the abdominal muscles can be attained by some other non-exercising methods as well. Better methods include flex belts and other electronic stimulation processes, while not so good methods include slim sauna belts, sauna baths etc.
Lastly, in your pursuit of abs, you would be required to combine a good exercise routine, natural diet pills, a balanced diet, patience and dedication.

Ab Circle Pro: Hype Vs Reality

dvent of the metro-sexuality has benefitted the mankind and even the number of companies which provide products & services related to these aspects. Weight is considered as an issue now. There are thousands of weight loss techniques, but only some of them match the hype level with the expectations.
Now, when it comes to weight loss, there are 2 methods which work well. Both methods need each other in the quest of weight loss and muscle building. 1st method includes techniques related to diet, like pills and supplements which work to some extent; but they work well when a user employs a good exercise routine.
The second popular method includes special exercise patterns which employ conventional or nonconventional exercise equipments. The Ab circle pro is one such machine which has seen a lot of hype and promotion. No doubt, the Ab circle pro helps you to perform crunches, but the Ab circle pro is not like your regular abs machine available in a gymnasium.


The machine slides within a frictionless track in a ‘to & fro’ motion (forward and backward). The equipment has sockets to hold your knees while you put your hands on the front bar. As it works on a frictionless motion, you control the movement (helped by the gravitational science/ mechanical effort). It comes with various adjustments for you to handle it efficiently. A set of crunches everyday would help you a lot. A set is generally of 25 crunches, but you can start with a smaller number at the initial stages.
The machine helps you in 4 ways as follows:
• Fat across the abdomen is being worked upon.
• Your waist is being toned.
• You get a ‘burning calories & lose fat’ experience
• Arms, chest and shoulders get a decent workout as they support your movement.
As Ab circle pro helps you to perform the crunches correctly, your fats get toned evenly. Actually many exercises fail to affect the obliques (the edges of your waist), but this machine helps to target your waist line/tummy evenly.

How should You Go about It?

Like they show in the advertisements, exercising on this machine is not that easy. You need to have a certain level of stamina and balance for completing a set of crunches. Stamina and balance come with experience. If you watch the videos, crunches are performed by people who are already used to the equipment. Start by doing a couple of crunches correctly and move on to a set or 2 daily.
They claim via their ads and promotion that you just need to squeeze about 5 minutes (any time of the day) for a toned waist. This machine works well when you work in a routine, preferably after you get up (before breakfast).
Lastly, it is important to take a balanced diet which consists of fewer fats. This technique takes at least a fortnight to start showing results, so you need to be patient.

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