It Only Takes 20 Minutes to Have a Great Day

Everyone has had one of those days when everything seems to go wrong and it started when you woke up in the morning.

Sluggish is an understatement as you feel like going back to bed and simply dreading the entire day. A lot of us do not realize that this stressed or tensed mood can be overcome in just 20 minutes.

The simple solution? Try to start your day with a 20 minute workout.

Why Exercising Makes a Difference

Aside from the simple fact that exercise can be energizing, you will find that engaging in aerobic training in the morning can do wonders for you mood. This improved mood can even last to up to 12 hours which means you will be in a darn good mood the entire day.

The key, as always, is moderation and in this case, opt for moderate intensity exercise. When we say moderate intensity, go for a heart rate of about 112 beats per minute. Such rate is certainly not something which will make you feel like your heart is working overtime so you are likely to enjoy the workout.

To check your heart rate you can simply start exercising for around 5 minutes before taking your pulse. An effective way to determine if you are pushing yourself too much is if you are not able to talk because you are literally catching your breath.

Now, keep in mind that you only need to keep your heart rate between 100 to 120 beats per minute for just 20 minutes. After all, this 20 minute of exercise is done to make you feel energized and not leave you exhausted or drained. Think of it as part of your morning ritual similar to drinking coffee. Only it will leave you feeling awake a lot longer and a lot more ready to tackle the day’s work.

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Which Workout is Best for You

If you are not sure of the best exercise you can do for 20 minutes, consider the following choices:

Dancing – line up 4 of your favorite dance music and let it all out. Jump, wiggle and let loose as you try to raise up your heart rate. Try a Zumba workout which involves a lot of dancing.

Aerobics – a great way to get the heart pumping with its stretching and repetitive movements

Jumping rope – for just 20 minutes, you will feel like you completed a whole body workout

Walking or jogging – if you have a treadmill or can go out for a quick run then you should certainly consider this. Plus, the outside air can do your mood wonders.

Yoga – you will be surprised at how slow movements can make your heart speed up just enough to reach the desired rate. Of course, the meditation that goes with this exercise will make sure all your worries are kept at bay.

Before engaging in any physical activity, make sure you have seek the advice of a medical professional especially if you have certain health conditions. Age can also be a factor for choosing the best workout so be sure to consider it.

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