Tabata Training: Get Ideal Figure for 4 Minutes a Day

Modern rhythm of life requires a constant stay in tonus. At the same time, most people do not have enough time for themselves as it is necessary to give preference to “more important things”. So, when there is no much time for constant full-length trainings, but the desire to get rid of extra pounds prevails over laziness, training with TABATA method will be useful. Short-term intensive exercises will help you to strengthen muscles, burn a bunch of calories and get rid of bad mood.

What Tabata is and how it Works

One workout lasts only for four minutes. This time is divided into 8 rounds for 20 seconds, between which there are 10 second breaks. At first glance, training can seem easy – only 20 seconds of active work. Due to the high rate of training, body does not have time to get full rest for 10 seconds, so the next round has to be done with greater effort.

It’s important to get into mind that you’ll get the desired results only if you do your utmost and not reduce the tempo during each interval. Moreover, the trainings can be supplemented with healthy eating and diet pills that work for women.

Effects of TABATA Weight Loss Training

  • Fat mass reduction. Most of other workouts are made in such a way that the main energy costs occur during the fulfillment of the load. During Tabata trainings we have an opposite result – body spends much more energy during the rest. The higher the speed of the exercise, the longer it will have to be restored, the more energy it will take from the subcutaneous fat.
  • Development of different groups of muscles. Exercises for the complex are predominantly multi-joint (those in the performance of which more than 50% of all muscles work).
  • Improvement of mood. Exercises have to be performed very quickly, so there is no time to think about the spot on your favorite skirt. In addition, it is proved that intensive exercises allow you to “let off steam” and get rid of negative emotions.
  • Increased stamina. This effect is achieved by the fact that the body is forced to work against the background of fatigue. And do not just work, but do it quickly and with the right technique.
  • Training for the brain. Exercises can be different, depending on the purpose. The bigger number of exercises and the more difficult they are, the more the brain will have to strain to recall their consistency and control the technique.

Advantages of Tabata Training

  • the ability to spend minimum time and stay healthy and physically fit;
  • acceleration of metabolism for 24-48 hours;
  • the ability to choose exercises in accordance with the level of preparation and purpose;
  • lack of monotony;
  • the ability to use almost any inventory;
  • ability to train anywhere: at home, at work, in the street, during a business trip and even in the train.

What Exercises to Choose

At first, exercises should be simple and well known – the technique should not be affected during the quick performing. It’s better to choose 2-4 exercises and do them in two or four circles.

Of course, there are complexes based on one exercise, but they overload one group of muscles and sometimes they seem too boring.

The more muscles are involved, the better (you will burn more calories). However, 1-2 exercises can be isolated. They will involve small muscles (twisting for the press, flexing of the hands – for the biceps or triceps). Ideally, the training program should be built taking into account individual characteristics of the body, the level of preparation, the goals of an individual person.

And finally, you shouldn’t overindulge into this kind of training, because the body gets used to it and gradually the effect of losing weight is lost.

Weight Loss Pills That Work For Women

Because weight loss for women is a completely different ball game than weight loss for men, women need to be using diet supplements that have been designed specifically for females and their individual weight loss needs. Often times, general weight loss pills or weight loss pills designed for men will contain formulas that are too strong or contain the wrong composition for a women’s body. Men want to slim down while still building muscle while most women simply want to get rid of the extra pounds they’ve put on over the holidays or since they had their last child.

The best fat burners for women are ones that take into consideration the hormonal imbalances and constant food cravings that tend to plague most women’s quest for weight loss. The diet pills that tend to yield the best results for women are ones that act as appetite suppressants, fat blockers, and metabolism boosters.

Fat Blockers

Women naturally carry more fat on their bodies than men do so that they can support pregnancy and for this reason, a woman’s body is more likely to hold onto fat than a man’s is. Weight loss pills that act as fat blockers bind with a portion of the fat molecules that you consume during a meal and make them too large to be absorbed. So instead of holding onto all of the fat that you consume, the excess fat molecules are passed through your digestive system instead.

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants are the perfect and safest weight loss tools for women. Often times, women find themselves mindlessly eating because they’re bored, anxious, or sad, and appetite suppressants help take your hand out of the chip bag and allow you to focus on more productive matters.

Another common issue that appetite suppressants tackle is food cravings. Does your 5 o’ clock sweet tooth ring a bell, or what about the salty foods you crave after 9? Appetite suppressants aren’t strong enough that they’ll take away your desire to eat completely, most of them work during meals to help you know when you’ve had enough to eat and their work carries on after the meal so that you don’t crave snacks in between or aren’t tempted to eat when you have nothing better to do. Imagine feeling fully satisfied after each meal and not having your mind constantly turned to the next time you’re going to eat. In this regard, appetite suppressants help you focus on your daily tasks rather than constantly thinking about what’s for dinner.

Diet Supplements

Lastly, diet supplements that boost your metabolism are great for women. Often diet supplements will contain natural ingredients that help to safely speed up your metabolism and increase your body’s thermogenic process so that your calorie burning potential increases. If you combine a supplement like this with regular exercise than your results will skyrocket and you’ll lose weight quicker than you thought was possible.

Most diet pills for women will contain one or all of the above mentioned qualities. It is important for women to look for the best diet pills that will work with your body to help regulate your metabolism that may be thrown off due to hormonal imbalances, suppress your appetite so that you don’t crave food you’re not hungry for, and block fat uptake so that you’re not storing fat that your body doesn’t need. These reasons are why finding a weight loss supplement for women like PhenQ is so important and why it will help you reach your weight loss goals more safely and efficiently.

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