Shall we Eat right Before and After Exercise?

If you are in your program for weight loss, remember to eat right before exercise. You may ask curiously “why”? Actually, if you do exercise without having some food, your body will burn amino acids for fuel, which refers to muscle. This is because muscle is made up of amino acids. In any program for weight loss, we know that the most important thing is to maintain and build our lean muscle tissues and we do not wish to lose them in any condition.

So, regardless of what time you want to exercise, remember to eat some thing before exercise especially early in the morning and this can:

Avoid low blood sugar level, so that you have energy to do your weight loss exercise more effectively either mentally or physically.
Ensure that glycogen or fuel is always available to perform the exercise. Then your body will not burn amino acids (which refers muscle here) as fuel to perform the exercise.

Please refer the below food choices with approximately 100 calories each that you can have before your weight loss exercise in the morning time. These include:

A slice of whole grain toast with 1 teaspoon jam
A cup of low-fat yogurt
A packet of instant oatmeal
A cup of fruit juice
A piece or serving of fruit
A half serving of whole grain cereal with low-fat milk
(Note: You may also refer to my calculate calories article for more information about food servings.)

Basically, we want to replenish our muscles’ glycogen as soon as we finish our exercise in any program for weight loss. That is why we need to eat after the exercise too. We need to consume some protein besides carbohydrates because protein serves as building blocks of lean muscle tissues, as it will help in muscle tissue repairing after the strength training.

Let say you ate part of your breakfast around 100 calories before exercising. Always remember you are in weight loss program. This means you cannot have your breakfast consumption as usual after the exercise. You need to cut half or one third of calories intake on food taken after the weight loss exercise. These food choices after your exercise include:

A piece or serving of fruit and a cup of low-fat yogurt
A slice of whole grain toast with yogurt, cottage cheese, a packet of instant oatmeal or a piece of string cheese
A cup of whole grain cereal with low-fat milk
A cup of soymilk or your favorite protein beverage with few whole wheat crackers

It is always important to eat before and after the exercise in any program for weight loss to optimizing your weight loss results. Besides, get to know some useful weight loss tips and weight loss concept will enhance the success rate in losing weight.

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Knowing about Fat Burners that Build Muscle

Involving yourself in a regular workout regimen gives lots of health advantages, counting the burning of fat and constructing lean muscle. On the other hand, if you want to obtain both fitness objectives, you might need completing both cardiovascular exercises and weight training. There is an alternative to circuit training, which is intended to both burn calories and to encourage body fat loss as well as constructing muscle. Know more about these fat burners that build muscle.

Understanding Fat Burning

If you want to shake off fat, you should considerably intensify the absolute amount of calories that you burn. You can do this by involving yourself in regular cardiovascular workout actions that are efficient at burning calories for every unit of time. Cardiovascular exercises involve actions like jogging, swimming, biking and riding an elliptical machine. Each time you burn 3500 additional calories than you spend, you will shake off one pound of fat, and the American Council on Exercise suggests working out for approximately 60 minutes or one hour several days weekly to notice body fat deficit.

The Efficient Workout

Mayo Clinic states that, the generally effective calorie burning cardiovascular actions involve running, rollerblading and using a jumping rope. A 160-pound individual will burn approximately 986 calories every time she runs one hour at eight mph, 913 calories in one hour of rollerblading and 730 calories each time she jumps rope for one hour. Selecting these actions for your exercise will result in a more enormous number of calories burned, thus they are generally efficient for burning fat. Unluckily, cardiovascular actions, while great for burning calories, do not give sufficient resistance for your muscles to strongly affect stimulating an improvement in lean muscle.

Constructing Lean Muscle

If you want to construct lean muscle, you should give several kinds of exterior resistance that sufficiently overworks your muscle fibers and accelerates the muscle-building procedure. A high-volume weight-training regimen is essential to create motivation. A regimen intended to construct lean muscle needs a minimum of three days training, with every weight-training workout being finished at three to five series of six to 12 replications each.

Performing Circuit Training

People interested in efficiently burning fat and constructing lean muscle should take part in both cardiovascular exercises and weight training. You will possibly notice further considerable outcomes if you devote your time to every action. If your goal is to burn fat and construct lean muscle while finishing one exercise, you might desire to take into account circuit training. Circuit training includes finishing actions for brief sessions, for approximately 30 to 90 seconds each and subsequently shifting precisely onto the next movement until all of the allocated workouts is finished.

You merge both weight training and cardiovascular actions into the circuit exercise. For instance, you can finish 60 seconds of jump rope; subsequently shift onto one minute push-ups; and subsequently one minute of jumping jacks and so on. Circuit training is intended to keep your heart tempo high during the exercise with the intention that you burn a considerable amount of calories while obtaining certain weight training into your program simultaneously.

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