How Realistic of your Weight Loss Goal?

In a healthy weight loss program, setting a realistic goal is very important so that you can stick to your weight loss plan. However, most people who attempt losing weight set unrealistic goals, mainly are effected by the mass media, claiming can lose weight in a fast way. As the results, they get demotivated and give up when they cannot achieve the desired weight loss results.

Always remember the golden equation of your body weight workouts in a healthy weight loss program:
Calories Consumed > Calories Expended = Body Weight Increase
Calories Consumed < Calories Expended = Body Weight Decrease
If you are overweight, that means you consume more than what you expend. The fact is mathematic never telling a lie.

So, please understand and do your BMR calculation first before set a weight loss goal. Let us take the same example of the lady I mentioned in the BMR calculation article. She needs approximately 1600 calories to support her daily activities. Therefore, if she consumes 1600 calories each day in a given week, she will maintain her weight. If she has less 400 calories intake on average each day, she will lose 2800 calories, or 0.8 lbs at the end of the week.

(Note: 1kg = 2.2046 lbs)

This calculation is only taking consideration from one side of the body weight workouts equation. Of course she can always increase the number of calories burned each day through the right exercise, specifically focusing on strength and resistance training. Through the correct right weight loss exercise, she can boost the metabolism by maintain and build up the lean muscle tissues.

We have to admit it is not an easy job to lose 10 lbs in 10 days, but in a healthy weight loss program, losing 0.5 – 2 lbs in a week time is definitely an attainable task. And men is always losing weight faster than most women, given the same amount of calories intake as men are generally more muscular and thus have higher BMR and burn more calories.

Let us illustrate in example to make thing clearer:

Calories to maintain weight: 2,500
Calories consumed each day in weight loss program: 1,500
Calories deficit per day: 1,000
Total deficit in 1 week (7 days): 7,000
Total pounds lost in 1 week: 2

Calories to maintain weight: 1,600
Calories consumed each day in weight loss program: 1,200
Calories deficit per day: 400
Total deficit in 1 week (7 days): 2,800
Total pounds lost in 1 week: 0.8

This is why men always faster in losing weight than women. So, please don’t be discouraged if you are a woman. In a healthy weight loss program, calories consumed each day for men is always higher than women as it reflects more realistic picture in losing weight. Bear in mind, the key to a successful weight loss is the creation of calories deficit. However, it is advisable that the calories intake should not less than your BMR calculation figure or 1000 calories per day to avoid lower metabolism.

Remember, you are the one who determine the speed of losing excessive pounds in a weight loss program. You definitely have the right to do aggressive weight loss by cutting down calories intake and do massive exercise. Or you can set a more attainable weight loss goal so you would most likely stick with the plan. The choices are in your hands. The important thing is consistency is the key success in any program for weight loss, and never ever exchange your health with quick results in losing weight.

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