Quick Weight Loss Diet

About 10 years ago, I read a book that changed my life. It outlined a quick weight loss diet based on cleansing your body on the inside.

It’s called Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.

I followed the advice in the book, 6 days a week. I splurged a little on Sundays. I also exercised with resistance training a few days a week. It turned out to be very effective. I lost 45 pounds in about 2 1/2 months.

The What, When, and How…

Here are the main points in the book that made this
such an effective quick weight loss diet:

  • Eat only fresh fruit in the morning, until about 45 min. before lunch
  • Only eat fruit on an empty stomach, and never with other foods
  • Try to make 70% of your diet consist of raw fruits and vegetables
  • Never mix proteins and starches at the same meal
  • Try to get most or all of your protein from non-animal sources
  • Try to eat mostly whole grain starches

Oh, is that all?

I know it sounds extremely restrictive, BUT, the dreaded big but again, this leaves a whole world of food options open. Plus, at lunch and dinner, you can literally eat as much as you want and the pounds will still peel off of you.

In the mornings, you should not overeat fruit!

Eat a piece of juicy fruit as soon as you’re hungry.
Quick weight loss diet – fruit salad
Then repeat whenever you get hungry again. A banana or a small box of raisins takes about 45 min. to 1 hour to digest. Bananas and dried fruit ‘sticks to your ribs’ longer than fresh juicy fruits. Eat the juicy fruit first, then when you get hungry again, eat a banana or some dried fruit.

The Why…

To boil this quick weight loss diet method down to the very basic essence, there are foods that cleanse and foods that clog. Foods like fruits and vegetables contain fiber and water. These are cleansing foods. Foods like red meat and white bread tend to clog your intestines. Raw foods contain living enzymes and have more water than cooked foods.

Eating cooked food increases toxins in your body, and the body has to work to rid itself of those toxins. Eating organic raw fruits and vegetables promotes fast weight loss and actually cleanses the body of toxins.

Also, the human stomach produces acids to break down proteins and it produces an alkaline to break down starches. If you remember from high school chemistry, when you mix an acid and an alkaline, they cancel each other out.

When you eat starches and proteins at the same meal, your stomach secretes an acid to digest the protein, and an alkaline to digest the starch. They cancel each other out and nothing gets digested. After an hour or so, the stomach repeats the process. When it dumps more acid in, you get heartburn, or, acid indigestion.

Please pardon the graphic statements you’re about to read.

After an 8 hour cycle of this, the stomach basically says, “I’m done” and passes this mess of undigested, putrifying gunk on to the intestines. What used to be dinner continues to ferment and/or putrify its way through your intestinal tract until it gets to your colon. This process can take as much as a day or two.

No wonder it smells so bad when it’s eliminated!

I realize that this is an extremely limited and somewhat oversimplified version of the “Fit For Life” plan. But, even though the science behind why it works is fairly involved, the nuts and bolts ‘how to’ of this quick weight loss diet is really simple.

Just follow the bullet points at the top of this page and you’ll lose weight fast.

Plus, you’ll have more energy and feel great. And, you’ll look younger and live longer. Wow! What a concept.

I highly recommend that you read the book. It’s very compelling and a fast read. Plus, there are recipes in the back of the book.

The Real World…

Even though the basic rules of this quick weight loss diet method may be kind of hard to get used to at first, once you try it for a couple of days, it will change you. You literally can eat as much as you want, and you will lose weight.

Since your body isn’t fighting itself to digest the bad food combinations you used to eat, you have tons of energy, and you start to feel better within a day or two.

Plus, you don’t have to count calories or fat grams or carbs or anything! And you can enjoy great dinners like this…

Fish Dinner — quick weight loss diet

Or this…

Kabobs — quick weight loss diet

That’s the beauty of this quick weight loss diet method. As long as you follow the basic rules outlined above, you can have some of everything you love. Just not all at the same meal.

For instance:

You can have delicious fresh fruit for breakfast.

Then a beautiful salad with chicken or fish for lunch.

Then, for dinner, maybe a large baked potato with butter, steamed veggies, and a fine crusty fresh-baked bread.

Or, maybe stir-fried vegetables with spicy Schezuan sauce, over rice, and a toasted bagel with butter.

Or, maybe an avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and sprouts sandwich on lightly toasted, multi-grain bread. Stone-ground tortilla chips on the side, of course.

These are exactly the types of meals I ate, every day, when I lost all that weight.

The hardest thing to get used to is not combining proteins and starches. Almost everything we’ve eaten all our lives is based on these mis-combinations.

Think about it…

Meat and potatoes
Grilled cheese sandwich
Bagel and cream cheese
Fish and chips
Roast beef, turkey, ham and cheese, or any meat or cheese sandwich
Baked potato and sour cream
You get the idea.

Spark People

Sparkpeople provides great diet planning.

Sparkpeople is a website, or rather a community, dedicated to helping members lose weight by counting calories and exercising. The site has many features that make it worth a chance, including meal planning, calorie logging, exercise recording and community support.

Located at www.sparkpeople.com, registration for the site is free and takes only a few minutes to complete. Once registered, a user can set his or her goals as far as calories, weight and planned exercise, or Sparkpeople will set calorie and exercise goals for the user once a goal weight and vital statistics have been typed in.

Meal planning through Sparkpeople is simple. Those who wish to use preplanned meals can take advantage of a feature under the “Nutrition” tab where the site makes meal suggestions the user can follow. These meal plans keep the user to his or her calorie range, and provide a variety of food options, including snacks. The only downside to having meals planned for you is that many of the items are unavailable in smaller cities with fewer grocery shopping options. That is why the user can also search for or even manually enter foods eaten during the day, with a running total logged at the bottom of the screen. Sparkpeople even has an option for homemade meal calorie counts using a recipe calculator tool, so those who prepare meals from scratch can have an idea of what they are eating as well.

Another perk of the site is the ability to log exercise minutes and get an estimate of calories burned. Exercise is key to any real weight loss program, and Sparkpeople is fully on board with that fact. A wide array of exercises are available to choose from, along with the ability to manually enter exercises and calories burned. The site even offers a range of online workout videos and tips.

Finally, Sparkpeople offers community support from its own experts as well as from fellow calorie counters. The site includes articles, tips, recipes, communities, message boards and more. Sparkpeople is a great site for anyone interested in planning meals, counting calories and losing weight the right way.

Diet Myths and Facts

With the presence of many diet programs, the people who want to lose weight don’t already know what the ideal plan to go with is. Most of the time, they believe that in order to lose weight, they need to avoid certain foods, which is totally wrong. Each and every food component is essential to the body and portrays different vital function. It is not only important to lose weight but to lose weight and still maintain a healthy body and over all wellness.
Here are a few misconceptions to losing weight and hopefully, this will direct you to the right path of shedding off that pound.

Stick to a particular food group?

FALSE! You will find many diet plans that promotes cutting off the carbs, or proteins or anything for that matter. Bear in mind that foods are group according to its functions. And so, it presents distinct benefits to the body. Lacking one of these essential food groups may lead to imbalance. Nothing should be eliminated out. We need every bit of fat carbohydrates, proteins, and large amounts of vegetables, fruits and fiber.

Meat is the only source of protein?

There are many sources of proteins aside from meat. We can also find proteins in fruits and vegetables. Grains, nuts, oils, and the legume family also contain protein. As a matter of fact, meat is a contributor to bad levels of cholesterol as it has high fat and sodium content which is not healthy for the cardiovascular system, especially when taken in large amounts. These other sources actually presents more protein than meat does, so try to substitute these protein sources once in a while or might as well incorporate these to your diet.

Cut all the fat out?

FALSE! Fats are in fact beneficial to the body but only in small amounts. Fats actually gives protection to the body and also acts like a blanket in times of chilly conditions and give us natural warmth. It allows the muscles and joints to work in unity alongside and function smoothly. It might be better to be aware of the “good” and “bad” fats. Good and healthy fat sources include avocados, olive oil and raw nuts.

Eat less?

diet myths and factsFALSE! Most of the people believe that in order to lose weight, they should lessen their food intake or perhaps, deprive themselves from food. This habit will actually push you to eat more because of hunger. So, to be able to lose weight effectively, just eat naturally, but in moderation. Just remember to stay away from unhealthy foods like extra sugar and fat contents. The recommended calorie intake for women is not less than 1,200 a day and 1,800 for men. If you succeed to make a balance with these essential nutrients, rest assured that you will also succeed in losing weight, plus you get the chance to stay healthy and fit.

Fat Burners are just another scam

FALSE! Natural diet pills do work & help you burn the excess fat that your body accumulates. However even fat burners have limitations. You cannot expect the fat burners to burn all the excess fat that your body carries. Fat burners are to be taken with controlled diet to reap the maximum benefits. Not all fat burners are alike. Fat burners like PhenQ & Hiprolean are specially formulated to assist you provide maximum benefits.

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