6 Frequent Asked Questions about Strength Training

It is normal for people to do cardiovascular exercise, rather than strength training if they want to lose weight through exercise in any program for weight loss. There are not many people know that only strength training can really help in building lean muscle and thus boost your metabolism and enable calories burning 24 hours a day.

Of course cardiovascular exercise is very important to maintain our overall health, and we should perform it regularly. Anyhow, strength training is much more effective to be performed for losing body fat purpose. Please have a look at benefits of strength training article if you would like to know more about it.

If you are just about to know regarding strength training, here are 6 common questions and misconceptions about it that might help you:

1) Will I bulk up?

This is a commonly asked question especially for the women who want to perform strength training. The answer is “no”. The potential of muscle-building for men is enhanced by the presence of testosterone. However, it is not so easy to become bulky even with the testosterone. It is more clearly that women have very little opportunity bulking up as they do not enjoy the benefit of similar testosterone levels.

You might still hesitate with this point as we can easily see all models in the fitness magazines are in bulky shape. Actually, they are most probably under extreme eating and exercise regime, and some even acquire predominantly with the assistance of illegal supplements or steroids.

2) Will this take long period to see improving results?

No, it won’t take much time to see improving results. A little more lean muscle tissue is built every time muscles are challenged so that you could perform better in next time. According to Tufts University, strength training for 3 months with 3 times a week can increase the BMR by 7%. And individuals in their nineties can increase their strength by 300% and their lean muscle tissue by 10% in just 8 weeks time. It is very important as increase in BMR and lean muscle tissue mean your body mange to burn more calories than previously. And you whole appearance will look more in shape as your body composition is changing.

3) Will it take a lot of time to perform strength training?

The answer is no. In fact, most people can achieve significant improving results just with 3 sessions a week. However, if you could only manage to do strength and resistance training 2 times a week, then you still could enjoy 75% of the benefits of training 3 times a week.

4) Will I hurt myself performing this training?

No. You will not get injured if you follow the instruction of how to do it and listen to your body. Usually, injury happens due to muscular imbalance. It might be weak at abdominals which can lead to lower back problems, overdeveloped quadriceps (front of the legs) or underdeveloped hamstrings (back of the legs), which usually lead to knee problems.

The good news is strength training can improve imbalance. Besides, properly prescribed strength and resistance training can strengthen both the abdominal and lumbar extensors, which support and protect our spine accordingly.

5) Will I lose flexibility after strength and resistance training?

Absolutely no. In fact, proper of these type of trainings could improve body flexibility, named reciprocal inhibition. Our muscles work in pair. When you contract one muscle, you stretch the opposite one and vice versa. For example, when you contract the bicep muscle in the front of the arm, the tricep muscle at the back of the arm has to relax and stretch out. This definitely will improve your flexibility over time.

6) Should I give up my cardiovascular exercises such as jogging and walling since they do not help much in losing fats?

No, you should continue doing them if you enjoy jogging, playing tennis, swimming, biking etc. Remember, cardiovascular exercise does play an important role in maintaining overall health. Just insert a schedule of performing strength training in between, minimum of 2 times and preferable 3 times a week in any program for weight loss so that you could enjoy losing body fats by build lean muscle.

Besides performing right weight loss exercise, we need to aware of food and nutrition aspect in a healthy weight loss program. And, never jump into any program for weight loss if you do not have proper weight loss concept and information. Also use only natural weight loss pills.

Natural Belly Fat Burners

Natural belly fat burners are in high demand as more people develop potbelly that is embarrassing and dangerous from health viewpoint. This article explains why you must lose your belly fat, why choosing natural method, what foods to eat and what certain things to do. You’ll find some practical information about natural belly fat burners.

Losing belly fat naturally, without drugs or surgery, is the recommended method. But why do you need to lose this belly fat?

The obvious answer is because it impacts your health negatively. Some negative consequences include:

  • belly fat may poison your liver
  • belly fat pressures your kidney, which will result in high blood pressure
  • belly fat may lead to heart disease because the troubled liver churns out bad cholesterol
  • belly fat may lead to diabetes because the troubled liver produces inflammatory chemicals that causes higher level of sugar in blood
  • belly fat may cause back pain because large potbelly pusher your body forward
  • belly fat may also cause heart attacks, impotence, wrinkles, and strokes

This list of negative consequences is long enough for you to justify taking immediate action to get rid of belly fat. Consider the natural belly fat burners if you are seriously determined to achieve the real result.

Natural Belly Fat Burners: Why choosing natural method?

Ideally, abdominal obesity should be eliminated through exercise and proper diet, which are the natural method. The use of supplements, drugs, and surgery (such as liposuction) should be avoided as they potentially may bring more harm than good.

Take liposuction. Its side effects may include lumpy skin, internal bleeding, and gastric contents leak. As with drugs, a long list of side effects is waiting to impact your health adversely.

On the other hands, natural method (through proper diet and exercise) will yield increased health benefits, result in sustainable weight loss, prevent many chronic diseases, as well as improve our quality of life. Also get some useful tips to speed up the process. Natural method works for both men and women. Natural belly fat burners can bring these advantages to you.

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