Questions People Have About Meratol

By now many people have heard of Meratol but know little or nothing about it so they are filled with questions about this new miracle supplement they have heard of. That seems reasonable because it seems to be too good to be true. If they, or you, have had any experience with other supplements it is easy to see why but Meratol is much more than the other supplements. It is better.

To begin with it is made of all natural ingredients and not filled with pharmaceuticals. Then rather than working on your weight problem in one way it approaches it from four different angles. It helps to reduce cravings first of all and that is where a lot of fatty foods are consumed. Then it helps the body ignore the carbohydrates you do consume, up to 82% of them. After that it helps the body raise its metabolism as well as burn fat faster. It is this 4 tier approach that makes it so successful.

You might be wondering if this is going to cause you to have to go on a special diet and the answer is no. Even if you don’t consume many carbohydrates it will work the same with no problem. Because it has no side-effects it is safe for anyone. Pregnant women can use (check with your doctor first) it as it is all natural and it is fine for people with diabetes as it works with the food you are already eating. In fact it is even fine for vegans. Also, if you are on “the pill” or a medication for your thyroid it is still safe. It won’t interfere with heart medication either but you should still consult wwith your doctor.

One of the most pressing question people have about any weight loss product is how fast will it work. Every one wants to get rid of that extra weight as soon as possible and you really won’t have too much time to wait. While that will depend on how much you have to lose you can expect to lose up to 4 pounds in the first week and a pound or two each week that come after. If that does not seem fast enough just remember how long it took to put on that very weight.

If you are indeed in a hurry you will need to remember that you will have to order it through the mail or online as retail stores to not carry it. You will need to allow up to 12 workings depending on where you live. If you don’t have a credit card they can still get you the product but you ship time will start when they receive payment.

Now by taking only two capsules a day you can safely lose that weight that you have been carrying around for years without the use of stimulants or caffeine like most supplements, just a natural approach. You to should look into this remarkable supplement and you will find that it has everything that all the others lack, success.

The Medical Evidence For Meratol

It is also good to hear about how a diet supplement works in nice, plain and easy to understand terms. Testimonials are also very helpful as well so you can get a feel about how a product works or doesn’t work from the very people who use it. Nothing, however, takes the place of reading the raw scientific data. Testimonials can be picked and chosen from but the data can only report what it finds, for better or worse. This is why they share the data on Meratol.

To start with there are 3 extracts we can begin with. The first one is Brown Seaweed extract. While it is included in Meratol for specific reasons it actually has a very broad range of properties that help it with diet. With active ingredients known as phloroyanins, it has the ability to reduce the amount of calories. It can do this by inhibiting the digestive enzymes needed to convert food to potential energy that has to be stored. Then, through thermogenisis, it helps to burn calories at a rate above normal.

In studies of women over a 2 month time span they lost on average of 3 kg. Of that, all of the loss was from fat and not muscle. Even more important for some women was where the weight was lost. They noticed better shaped buttocks and even thighs. Best of all it did this with out getting side effects.

Next on the Meratol menu is the extract of Prickly Pear. This extract has two sets of benefits. One, of course, is directly related to the Prickly Pear while the other benefits come from the fact that it is a fruit and there are certain benefits that nearly all fruits share. Betalains are unique to the prickly pear while the bio-available indicaxanthin is common in other fruits as well. They serve as a detoxifying diuretic. This reduces excess water weight but it also protects antioxidant.

Prickly Pear also has other benefits as well. It helps keep a proper ratio of lean muscle mass to fat. It also helps protect antioxidants while maintaining minerals. This means it not only helps you get you thinner but also healthier.

Finally there is the extract made from dehydrated Cactus leaves. While the Prickly Pear is indeed a type of cactus in this case it is used for an entirely different reason.. Among its other benefits it has it is used as a fiber to help expel fat and improve cholesterol. It does that by raising the HDL cholesterol levels by quite a bit. When combined with an over 25% greater passage of fatty acids you can see that it also combats one of the greatest dangers of being over weight.

There are a lot of products out there that can claim to help you lose weight but very few will put the science out there for you to examine. The data backs up all the claims that are made about Meratol. You will decide that this is the right product for you.

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