What Prevents us from Losing Weight?

Are you in an endless fight against being overweight? Are you at a loss why the consistent efforts – diet and exercise – do not bring the desired result? You armed yourself with lists of health-promoting products and habits, training plans, the best diet pills, books of useful recipes and a great desire to bring your body into the desired form, but still do not achieve your goal. You can be sure that everything is right, but it’s possible that you do not take into account something. Make sure that you do not make one of 5 common errors, and you will be able to get sexual forms in the shortest possible time.

#1. Wrong Motivation

Many women say that the main motivation is health. Health is not a motivation for us. Just like the desire to get into a new or old dress – there is also always a risk to lose weight, and then remain without motivation. A similar situation: to lose weight to win a husband who has left, or to find a man. In fact, the only motivation that really works is love for yourself. There are different psychological techniques that allow you to develop this feeling and a result you’ll achieve your aim much quicker.

#2. Eating in Response to Stress and Nervous Tension

Many people eat in response to stress and nervous tension. Doctors name two main strategies that people usually use to overcome this unpleasant state. They are active and passive ones.
– Active strategy involves the identification of the cause of stress and its removal.
– Passive strategy ends in situation, when all forces are thrown at the “liquidation of the consequences”, not the stress itself. Food is just one way to cope with stress passively.
Numerous studies show that people with extra weight most often use food to deal with stress, in contrast to slender people who choose other strategies. If a person often experiences stress, then her body starts storing fat as energy – to have enough strength to fight the consequences of nervous system overload.
Stress not only prevents weight loss, but also increases the risk of developing serious diseases. The phrase “all diseases from nerves” is not such a big exaggeration.
How to deal with this?
If you are stressed, then look for ways to relax that are acceptable to you. These can be:

  • long walks,
  • dancing,
  • yoga,
  • aromatherapy,
  • soothing baths,
  • meditations, etc.

#3. Sleep Disorders and Fatigue

Lack of sleep is a factor that can prevent you from becoming slimmer. If you do everything right, but still you cannot lose weight, consider your sleep-wakefulness carefully. Do you go to bed late? Do you sleep less than 8 hours a day? Then stress is only intensified, and the lack of sleep leads to the development of a stress hormone cortisol and other hormones responsible for the development of obesity. High levels of cortisol can prevent weight loss and even provoke a set of additional kilograms.
Moreover, it’s a proved fact that overweight people are perceived by others as lazy, suffering from lack of willpower. To counter this unflattering public opinion, they begin to work longer and longer, sacrificing hours of sleep. The absence of a normal sleep and rest regime results in the accumulation of fatigue, which again gets stuck. At the same time, people are in the illusion that “increased” nutrition will give him strength and help to resist fatigue. And all this leads to an even greater weight gain. There is a vicious circle again .

#4. Refusal of Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you know why? When you wake up in the morning your body craves nutrients. If you miss breakfast, you break the body’s work, destroying its ability to burn calories.
To be healthy and stay in shape, it is necessary to eat at least 3 times a day and have a snack with healthy food 2 times a day. Most women eat too little. They skip breakfast or limit themselves in food, and then do the same with lunch. By the end of the day they are already so hungry that they overeat at dinner. And the consumption of heavy food at the end of the day is a bad idea!

#5. Focusing on the Results of Scales

Most women, taking a diet, focus on the arrow of the scales, so when looking in the mirror, they cannot always appreciate the changes that have taken place with them. If you are on a diet and at the same time train correctly, you will build muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. If you lose 5 kg of fat and increase 3 kg of muscle mass, the arrow of the scales will not move much, but you will look much more attractive.

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