Let’s Stop Kids’ Obesity!

Nowadays the problem of excess weight has affected not only grown-ups, but also children. This is not surprising, since kids support the way of life of their parents.

The Reasons for Children’s Overweight

Many parents want to know whether there are techniques of losing weight that would do no harm to the immature organism of their children. Though, at first, it is worth considering why weight loss for children has become an actual topic of our time.

The first reason is a new food culture. We can see advertisements on TV, calling for buying tasty, but completely useless in terms of nutrition food. Children, seeing seductive pictures, believe that a bar of chocolate is the best delicacy in the world, that Coke is preferable of all drink and that we can’t go for a walk without a cheeseburger or at least a biscuit.

Fat caloric food has become normal for us. A child can’t even imagine that ordinary apples, carrots, cottage cheese or milk can be tasty and have great health benefits.

The second reason of kids’ excess weight is a sedentary lifestyle. What did the children do several decades ago? They played active games in the yards and in the streets. What does a modern child usually do? He plays football, hockey, he is engaged in basketball and martial arts in … computer!

So parents should develop their children’s physical activity, encouraging them to take part in sports or walk in the fresh air.

The Danger of Excess Weight for Children

Parents usually don’t take the problem of excess weight seriously and even overfeed their children. Extra pounds often result in spoiled health, impaired metabolism and psychological problems. That’s why children’s overweight is not only an aesthetic problem. The metabolic disturbance affects negatively the state of the whole organism – the hormone sphere and immunity, the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system. And we can’t but mention the psychological and communicative difficulties of a child suffering from obesity. So, children completely depend on their parents and it’s their responsibility to get rid of excess weight.

Principles of Losing Weight without Harm to Child’s Health

To achieve good results in the weight loss process and have a happy and healthy child, adults have to follow some rules:

Rule #1: increase the number of meals up to five times a day and control the calorie content of the daily ration. It should be reduced by 20-50%, depending on the amount of excess weight. This is achieved by including low-calorie food;

Rule #2: dinner should be not later than three hours before bedtime;

Rule #3: let the child eat as much as he wants. Many parents think that if the baby has eaten a little, then he is hungry. Forcing the baby to overeat, you do not allow him to feel the sensations of his body.

Rule #4: food is not a consolation. If a kid is sad, he does not need a candy, but he needs your attention and concern. Talk to him, caress him.

Rule #5: do not “restrict” a baby to a diet for weight loss. Such diet is a strong stress even for an adult, but what can we say about the child. In addition, eating restrictions can provoke abnormalities in the functioning of internal organs. The same is with diet pills. They are strictly for grown-ups.

Rule #6: become an example. The child always observes his parents. Do not overeat yourself, eat less sweet, do not forget about drinking water. Fruit and vegetables are very useful not only for the growing organism, but for you too.

Rule #7: make physical activity an integral part of your child’s everyday life.

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