Why Am I Not Losing Weight – Food Quantity And Quality

Why am I not losing weight? This is a question so often asked by people struggling to make lifestyle changes. They struggle and try this magic formula followed by that and nothing seems to work. Well it’s back to the basics.

There are a multitude of reasons for lack of weight loss-even if you are trying to follow established guidelines. Among the top are portion and calorie control and miscalculation. For this you must keep an honest and comprehensive food journal.

I Eat Less-Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

You are convinced you are eating less, but are you really or are you eating the right foods? Probably not and you simply are unable to recognize this.

Okay, you’ve started you food journal and are faithfully entering all you eat. Do you know how to estimate portions? This is skill you need to develop. At home it is generally easy to control portion sizes. However, when dining out you need to learn to estimate portion sizes to determine what to consume and what goes in the doggy bag.

Calorie Estimates

The estimates that follow are based on a small hand such as a typical 5’5” female. If you are taller and/or have larger hands you must adjust accordingly.

A selection of meat the approximate size of a deck of cards is about 4ozs.
A selection of meat the approximate size of your palm is about 3ozs.
The size of your fist equals about 1 cup.
Your thumb equals about 2 tablespoons or 1 oz.
Your thumb tip equals about 1 teaspoon.
A handful equals about 2 ounces (1/4 cup) of a snack food.

The above guidelines will be helpful for restaurants and quick measurements at home. However, to make sure your portions are right, you need to weigh and measure your foods.

To properly measure and weigh your portions you will need the obvious measuring spoons and cups as well as a food scale. It doesn’t have to be an expensive digital one, but they are nice and convenient.

Do you need to do this each and every time? No but you should do it until sight becomes an automatic measure. After everything is on autopilot I would suggest you carefully weigh and measure again every once in a while. This will reassure you that your portions have not grown over time.

I Count My Calories – Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Are you counting them correctly? Do you understand food labels?

Don’t just glance at the Calories listing on the label. Be sure and check the portion size at the top and read the Daily Percentage Values at the bottom for the calorie size of the diet. Most are based on a 2000 calorie a day diet.

Here are some examples of calorie totals for you:

53-55 calories in 1 small apple with peel (2½ diameter)
77-81 calories in 1 medium apple with peel (2¾ diameter)
110-118 calories in 1 large apple with peel (3¼ diameter)
52 calories in 3½ oz or 100g of apple with peel
57 calories in 1 cup of apple and peel
15 calories in 1 oz or 28g of apple with peel
14 calories in 1 oz or 28g of apple without the peel (one calorie less than with peel).
The above may vary depending on the type of apple.

Here some more examples:

13 calories in Lettuce, Iceberg, raw, 3½ oz or 100 grams
75 calories in Potatoes, new, boiled/steamed, 3½ oz (100g)
86 calories in Potatoes, old, boiled/steamed 3½ oz (100g)
151 calories in Potatoes, roasted in oil, 3½ oz (100g)
115 calories in Sweet potato, baked, 3½ oz (100g)

Why Am I Not Losing Weight – Conclusion

Notice the wide variance in the potato category above. These illustrate the point that a calorie counter book or calorie table of common foods is essential-especially when you are in your initial stage of dieting and food journals.

By keeping an honest and comprehensive Food Journal you will suddenly be faced with quantities and amounts you had previously been unaware of. Soon you will be able to answer your own question
Why am I not losing weight.

Types of Quick Weight Loss Pills

If you have tried it all to drop those excess pounds and just can’t seem to do it, you may be considering quick weight loss pills. There are many types of supplements for weight loss on the market, however before you grab the first one you see it is important to do some research. There are supplements that you should consider and those you should avoid. There are several ways to figure out which pills are right for you. One way is to use the Internet as a research tool.

The Internet is a great place to research and even purchase supplements for weight loss. You can also find these types of pills in drugstores over the counter. There are even prescription drugs your doctor can prescribe for this purpose. As you can see there are many different kinds, with many different ingredients. Some contain herbs, which can interact with prescription and over the counter medications. If you take an herbal weight loss supplement, make sure to ask your doctor about any possible interactions. If you are unsure about any herbal ingredients, choose a supplement without herbs.

Some weight loss pills contain ingredients that are packed with antioxidants, like acai berry and green tea. You may find that other ingredients like caffeine, PhenQ and chromium are included also. These ingredients work to boost the metabolism and increase energy levels. No quick weight loss pills are going to work for long if you don’t follow a consistent diet and exercise plan. Even if the pills help you drop the weight at first, you are likely to gain it back if you don’t exercise and eat unhealthy foods. Supplements are only one part of a healthy weight loss plan.

Best Fat Burning Foods

Most people are shocked to know that there are actually foods that help eliminate fat inside the body. It seems right now that the eyes of dieters are growing wide in amazement because they can again have something to add into their list of routine so they can have that sexy and fit body that some people would think only models deserve to have. The best fat burners are not even the usual fruits and vegetables that some people are so sick to hear, as if these foods are tantamount to the word “diet”. Rather, these foods are:

1. Egg Yolk – Yolk with all those fat and cholesterol can amazingly do something good to the body. Let it be known as well that the notion of yolks having a loads of bad cholesterol is not true. What is right is that it raises GOOD cholesterol as it further aids in balancing proper ratios. Because of this, you should not be terrified abut the fat and cholesterol found in this gem. Eggs may be tagged as the most effective and the best fat burning foods. And in case you go for those cage-free eggs then you will enjoy more omega-3 content and the eggs have balanced fat profile.

2. Avocados – Next on the list among the best fat burning foods is another “fatty” food which is no other than avocados. Not only are they a great aid in burning fat away but they can make everything creamier. They come with all those fibers, fats, and antioxidants, while it also comes with all sorts of vitamins and minerals that the body can ever need.

Now that you know the foods that will literally help to burn fat. You can incorporate them into your diet to enjoy great result in no time.

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