4 Myths about Diet You Should Know in a Weight Loss Program

Understand correct diet information is very important in a healthy weight loss program. This is because we are what we eat. However, a lot of people do not know how to choose a correct food to eat, because they don’t have any idea about the calories the food brings. Below are 4 myths about diet you should know if you are in a program for weight loss.

Diet Myth # 1: Alcohol is good for the health, especially heart

Red wine in studies revealed that it increased HDL, the sub fraction of good cholesterol, and thus good to health. Anyway, ethyl alcohol in alcoholic drinks is known to increase blood pressure and weaken heart muscles. If you are in any diet program for weight loss, please beware of liquid calories as they do not trigger satiety mechanisms. This means you will always have extra calories intake if you do take a lot of liquid calories. Basically, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. Get some information of alcohol calories at tips for weight loss so that you know the calories intake when you consume them.

Diet Myth # 2: All carbohydrates and protein have 4 calories per gram

Actually, it is only vegetarian carbohydrates and protein such as rice and vegetables generate 4 calories per gram. If you take animal proteins, be careful of the hidden fats. Even boneless and skinless chicken breast has 25% fat. Some salmon can contain even 50% fat. Let us illustrate in an example: One pound of ground beef contains about 96 grams of fat and only 81 grams of protein for a total of 1216 calories. The same amount of flounder contains only 2.5 grams of fat and 76 grams of protein for a total of 358 calories. So, beware of the type of protein eaten when you are on your diet program for weight loss.

Diet Myth # 3: Never ever take nuts because they are fattening

Nuts are a bit high in calories but they are an excellent source of vitamins and fibers besides fruits and vegetables. Small quantities of mixed nuts such as walnuts or almonds (1/3 cup) provide you with monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are known to decrease your levels of LDL cholesterol without affecting the HDL cholesterol.

In a healthy weight loss program, it is suggested that you consume not more than 20% fats in your daily diet or food intake. Remember, the right kind of fats, ie monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are good for weight loss. Fats do taste good, which is psychologically satisfying. Besides, it is also physically satisfying, as it adds to the release of leptin, a hormone that signals the brain that the body is getting full.

Diet Myth # 4: Being a vegetarian is good to health and help in weight loss

Generally, vegetarian food helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Anyway, it depends on the method you cook. If you like to have vegetarian deep fried food and sweets, this does not help in your diet program for weight loss. The most important thing is have a well balanced diet than taking only vegetarian food. Please get more information about the essential nutrients proportions for a diet program for weight loss.

Besides having correct diet habit, please perform right exercise for weight loss and understand well about weight loss concept. And lastly, be patient. You do not gain weight in few days time. That means we need some time to lose the excessive pounds too.

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4 Fat Burner Pills to Lose Weight

If you feel you are encountering delay in your body’s metabolism then you might discover fat burning supplements to be advantageous for you. These pills include components designed to intensify your metabolism, obstruct the development of fat, boost fat burning and to shake off pounds. On the other hand, the components in fat burning pills differ extensively, thus not all of them will provide comparable results. If you want to discover the appropriate fat burner for you, make sure to study the components of every product and seek the advice of a medical expert concerning its security and efficacy. Here are some fat burner pills to lose weight that you may include in your list.

Fat Burner Pill #1: TapouT Sports Nutrition Take Down Fat Burner

This type of fat burner pill includes assortments of components alleged to boost fat burning and weight loss. The product includes three distinctive ingredient blends. One aimed at intensifying your metabolism to accelerate calorie burning and two for making vigor heights and concentration better, which might help you exercise longer and burn extra calories. Among the ingredients in Take Down Fat Burner are the amino acid taurine, green tea extract and caffeine. As stated by the MayoClinic.com, caffeine might include several weight loss advantages, including acting as an appetite suppressant and diuretic, which means that it gets rid of water from your body thus lessening your weight.

Fat Burner Pill #2: Fahrenheit Nutrition Lean EFX

Similar to Take Down, Fahrenheit Nutrition’s Lean EFX does not include merely any single element, but several distinctive components, each alleged to support fat burning in many ways. Be cautious, though, because this supplement records caffeine as 137-trimethylxanthine, thus you may not become aware of it and presume this product is stimulant-free, but in reality is not. Additional components in Phen24 include N-acetyl tyrosine, bitter orange and ginseng. As stated at the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, ginseng might solve assortment of health concerns, counting high blood sugar and certain heart situations. Additionally, the associations notice that ginseng is frequently utilized to support staying power, but study outcomes are varied regarding the subject matter.

Fat Burner Pill #3: Palo Alto Labs Leviathan Reloaded

Palo Alto Labs’ Leviathan Reloaded is a product that asserts to support increase in muscle mass in supplementation to reduction within body fat. Similar to numerous additional fat burners, Leviathan Reloaded includes caffeine and yohimbine, but there are also less typical components in this formula. The utilization of tyramine, hordenine, coleus forskohlii and tribulus terrestris make this produce strange. The coleus forskohlii brings about results comparable to ephedrine, as stated in the Real Solutions Magazine. This component will help you lose fat since it motivates your hormones to burn fat and accelerate thyroid performance, which intensifies your body’s metabolism and burn calories.

Fat Burner Pill #4: Recreate

Recreate is a distinctive fat-burning formula that its producer, USP Labs, asserts will burn fat via 23 dissimilar ways. Recreate includes extremely small quantity of caffeine compared to other fat burners. PhenQ, a natural component identified as cirsimarin, is the only element established in Recreate that might have 20 times the thermogenic action of caffeine, without the regular stimulant side effects, like jitters and intensified heart rate.

These four fat burner pills present advantages and disadvantages. If in case you are not sure about using these products yet, then you can ask help from experts.

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