Lose Weight for Summer: Super Easy Tips

Desire to improve your body and lose weight often stumbles over the fact that it takes a lot of hard work in the gym and you have to bother with cooking healthy dishes. Though if you move in small steps, as in the list below, – everything is possible!

1. Pay for mistakes

When you are offered a cake and you agree, get out of your wallet 10 dollars and give it to your child or to your friend. Maybe next time you’ll hold out!

2. Focus on food

While eating, do not distract yourself by reading or watching news feeds on your Smartphone. So you risk to miss the brain signal and eat more unconsciously.

3. Take food from home

If you eat lunch in a cafe, you’ll obviously eat more than if you take food from home. Moreover, only by preparing food at home, you can control the ingredients of the dish and its calorie content.

4. Call a friend

Stop emotional and stress eating! It is better to get distracted from food and talk to a friend.

5. Do not starve

If you miss your meals regularly, you develop an increased appetite, as with large breaks between meals the body turns on the energy-saving regime. To adjust the metabolism – do not skip meals. Always eat breakfast, lunch and early dinner with light meals.

6. Sleep more

It may seem that sleep and appetite are not interrelated. However, when there is a lack of sleep, the body produces a hormone responsible for feeling hungry. Thus, the brain tries to fill the lack of energy, demanding it from the outside, and therefore there is an increased appetite. In order not to overeat, pay attention to how much you sleep. Seven to eight hours of sleep is optimal for an adult.

7. Replace some products with their useful alternatives

For example, use not sugar, but honey (it is the same for calories as sugar, but useful), change plain pasta for pasta from whole-grain flour, mayonnaise and fatty sour cream for Greek yoghurt.

8. Consult a doctor

If you are going to take cardinal steps concerning your weight – don’t be afraid to consult a specialist in this field. For example, he’ll help you to choose suitable diet pills or he will point out some errors in your diet.

9. Use a big bottle

People often take thirst for hunger. Start drinking more water and you’ll notice it yourself! A large bottle contributes to a more frequent thirst quenching.

10. Buy small packs

This is especially true for chips and nuts. A large pack will not stay open for a long time. It’s easier to control your desire with small packs.

12. Count calories

Remember that a small bar of chocolate or a small pack of chips can have 200-250 calories. It’s almost half of dinner! So in this case you’ll understand that it’s better to choose something different for a snack.

13. Determine the ideal serving size

The ideal size of one meal for you should fit your palm. Protein food (meat) should be the size of your palm, vegetables – a palm with a fist, carbohydrate food – with a handful, and so on. For men, portions are doubled.

14. Add bubbles to your juice

Dilute your favorite juice with sparkling water in a ratio of 1:1. You’ll get minus 80 calories in a glass and it’s minus 2-3 kg per year.

15. Do 10 sit-ups

It doesn’t need great efforts. If you do at least 10 sit-ups regularly, you will see the effect of a short workout very quickly.

16. Eat soups with slices

Research shows that people, who eat ordinary soup, eat 20% less than lovers of mashed soups.

Green Tea Extract Weight Loss

You may have heard information in the media about green tea extract. Weight loss is one touted benefit of this extract. Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea, however it has a higher antioxidant content because it is harvested when younger and processed differently. Although green tea contains caffeine, the levels are far less than coffee or even black tea. Even so, green tea extract is thought to aid weight loss efforts because it boosts energy and immunity and may even increase the metabolism. Because of this you will find many green tea extract weight loss products on the market.

Research shows that drinking several cups of green tea extract daily can have multiple benefits for your health. When combined with diet and exercise,

Green Tea Extract may work to help you shed pounds

However some people prefer their green tea in a more concentrated form. The extract can be used in weight loss teas, but if you are not a fan of tea then you may want to try a supplement. There are all kinds of different supplements for sale that contain green tea extract. Weight loss supplements should be carefully reviewed before taking, especially if you are on any medications or other supplements.

A number of the green tea extract weight loss supplements on the market contain other ingredients also. You can buy straight green tea extract in capsule form, but you may gain more benefits if you go for a blend. There are other ingredients like chromium, l theanine, and acai berry — also a powerful antioxidant — that you may find in these supplements.

The blend may enhance the effects of the green tea extract and weight loss may be even easier.
Review your choices carefully to make sure you select the best supplement for your needs.

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