‘Laws’ of Nutrition for Ideal Body

To get yourself in shape and have a fit, slender, and most importantly healthy body – is the dream of absolutely every person. And it is quite a feasible and real dream, especially if you approach to it wisely and systematically.

Nutritionists, fitness trainers and doctors are unanimous in opinion: there is no more effective and healthy way to lose weight and strengthen your body than a combination of proper nutrition for weight loss and exercises. Naturally, both need discipline. One thing is good: dieticians and trainers insist that you can get used to the right diet and exercise regime in just 21 days.

During these 3 weeks your brain will be rebuilt and nutrition plan will become a habit. So, in three weeks you will not reach for a harmful pack of chips – you just will not want to eat them.

So,  the most important laws of  nutrition for ideal body look like this:

  1. We eat by the principle 3 + 2  – three main meals + 2 snacks. Yes, for normal nutrition you should not reduce, but increase the number of meals (but we also remember the size of portions). Leaving the stomach for more than 4 hours without food, we provoke ourselves to eat much more than it is needed.
  2. We choose certain time for meals. Our body loves stability, and if we give it food regularly, it will not have an excuse to save it for future use. The ideal mode of eating is as follows (though everyone must adapt it to his life schedule):
  • 7.00 – breakfast
  • 10.00 – snack
  • 13.00 – lunch
  • 16.00 – snack
  • 19.00 – dinner
  1. We choose only fresh products. And here we are talking not so much about fresh vegetables and fruits, but about the rejection of fast food, fat-free or smoked foods prepared in advance. Ideally, you should cook yourself and use high-quality products.
  2. Drinking regime. This is incredibly important! 2 liters of clean water – this is the necessary minimum, which you must drink.
  3. Proteins. They should make up at least 1/3 of all consumed. Fish, chicken, turkey, dairy products are the best sources of protein.
  4. Refusal of alcohol. An exception can be red semi-dry or dry wine in quantity not more than ½ of a glass and not more than 2 times a week.

Tips for Changing Eating Habits

A change in diet is a fairly long and painful process for most people. Constant thoughts about food, an enduring desire to eat forbidden foods – all these are signs of a too abrupt transition.

Here are a few simple tips on how to do this most effectively:

  • Reduce portions. The volume of our stomach is approximately equal to a slightly bent palm. Each time sitting down at the table just look at your palm and roughly estimate how much you can eat at a time;
  • We do not change products, but the method of their processing. For example, do not fry, but bake or boil. It works on absolutely all products.
  • The lack of bright taste qualities of food is compensated with sauces that we cook at home on our own. Try not to make them very spicy or sharp, as this only stimulates the appetite;
  • Coffee 3 in 1 and sweet tea should be replaced with green tea without sugar. The result is the same as from the first two drinks, so that the energy charge is guaranteed, and a pleasant bonus is the improvement of metabolism;
  • Try not to drink while eating. There is no benefit from this, and the walls of the stomach are stretched. After 30-40 minutes you can safely drink a cup of tea or a glass of water.
  • And of course, almost the main rule is gradualness. A sharp change in your diet will become a huge stress for an organism.

Adhering to these rules of nutrition, you will not lose weight as fast as with best over the counter diet pills and supplement for women or mono-diet, but it will not come back. In addition, you can stick to such a nutrition plan for life, adding some products at will. And the main thing is that it will not only do no harm to health, but will improve it.

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