Healthy Weight Loss: Understand Food and You

It is a kind of complex feeling when we talk about food for healthy weight loss purpose. You will understand what I mean if you have been struggled for years to fight for healthy weight loss. The chances are, you have got a relationship with food if you are overweight or obese.

In fact, there are all types of relationships people have with food and all types of different things that people may try to get from food. For example, feeling of relief, love, distraction, fulfillment etc might cause you having emotional eating. Understand the causes and relationship between the food and you will definitely assist in your healthy weight loss program.

Eat Food for Love

Some people might have emotional eating, trying to fill the void of love in their lives. It might be the habit build since they were a child, as they felt unloved by their parents or family members. As an alternative choice, they use food to fill that void and help themselves to feel loved. Finally, they become overweight and need a program for healthy weight loss purpose.

Eat for Fulfillment

Many times, there could be a feeling of lacking something in any aspect of your life, and you replace the feeling with eating food. You might feel lacking something as a person or maybe some sort of success in career, especially when you make comparison between you and your life to someone else and you think something is missing somewhere. As a result, you try to use food to make yourself feel fulfilled, end up with overweight issue and urge for any healthy weight loss method.

Eat for Revenge

Maybe you feel a little bit silly, but it is too true to say about this point. In fact, some people who are unhappy in marriages or in a family use food and gain weight as a way to punish their spouse or their parents. The common thing they accuse is “I gain weight because of your fault or the thing you do….” In fact, they forget that it is their responsibility towards their body and lives. Make clear of this issue will make you automatically search for a healthy weight loss program.

Eat for Relief

A very common trigger for emotional eating is whenever a person has a feeling of stress, anger, or other strong emotions. In this case, they use food as a relief or distraction from those feelings. Sometimes, people will also have emotional eating if there is something they do not want to face or confront in their lives. They will drive right into food for a relief when they feel challenges in lives.

Eat for Fun

Some people are really food lovers, they eat food for fun. For them, it is the only fun thing they do after a busy working day. Besides, they chase for good food during holidays, as a rewarding for the effort made in their works.

There are many other things that you may try to get from food when you eat them. Find it out yourself before you can solve your overweight issue, and enjoy a healthy body weight. Remember, eating habit cannot be changed, but it can be replaced. Hope you can enjoy in healthy weight loss path. Of course, understand well about weight loss concept before you begin your healthy weight loss program or diet pills.

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