Food Selection Rule in Healthy Weight Loss Diet

You have to be clever in choosing correct weight loss diet in order to have a healthy weight loss. If you follow traffic rules, you know that green light means go, yellow light means careful and red right means stop.  Apply the same concept in the food selection rule: Go for green zone food, be careful when you take yellow zone food and avoid red zone food. The more you follow this rule, the more you can enjoy your weight loss diet and lose weight at the same time.

Apart from that, different cooking methods bring effect on your calories consumption and thus cause different results in your weight loss diet.  Cooking method such as deep-fried, pan-fried, fried food, stir fried and baked lead to over oil consumption.  If you eat a lot of barbeque food or you like to marinate the food before cook, you may over eat of sodium.  Cooking methods such as using starch paste, simmer or with thicken sauce will cause you having too much of carbohydrates.  You simply need to aware of eat.  The best way of cooking methods for a healthy weight loss diet include steam, cook, broil, mix and boil.

Green Zone Food Category in Weight Loss Diet

  • Grains & grains products: include whole grain and mixed grain rice, brown rice, noodles, steamed whole wheat bread, plain baked potato, lima beans, bun etc.
  • Vegetables:  Include all types of fresh vegetables.
  • Fruits:  Include almost all types of fruits except avocado and durian which are high in fat.
  • Fish, meat and egg:  Fish like tuna, lean meat, seafood, shrimp, skinless chicken and duck meat, prawn, egg white, steamed egg, boiled egg, tea egg, sea cucumber.
  • Dairy products: Includes fat-free milk and low-fat milk.
  • Bean products:  Bean curd, dried bean curd, soy bean.
  • Drinks:  Plain water, mineral water, sugar-free drink, diet coke etc.
  • Others:  Less sugar jelly, white fungus, low-fat yogurt, kannyaku etc.

Yellow Zone Food Category in Weight Loss Diet

  • Grains & grains products:  Crocker biscuits, high fiber biscuits, sponge cake.
  • Vegetables:  Salted vegetables, dried vegetables.
  • Fruits:  100% pure juices
  • Fish, meat and egg:  Chicken wing, fish ball, meatball, poached egg, fried egg, salty egg, minced fish, minced meat, beef jerky, cuttlefish slice etc.
  • Dairy products:  Flavored milk, yogurt etc.
  • Bean products:  Sweet tofu pudding.
  • Drinks:  Low sugar drinks, coffee or tea with sugar and milk.
  • Others:  Jelly, jelly ice, white fungus etc.

Red Zone Food Category in Weight Loss Diet

  • Grains & grains products:  French fries, Pop-corn, creamy butter bun, pizza, cheese cake, instant noodles, fried dumplings, cheese bun, muffin, donut, puff, fried fritters, baked potato soup etc.
  • Vegetables:  Fried horsebean, fried peas, deep fried vegetables
  • Fruits:  Dry fruits, canned fruit products.
  • Fish, meat and egg:  Stewed beef, ham, hot dog, pork belly, intestine, fish abdomen, meat sauce, canned food, sausage, fried chicken, salty chicken etc.
  • Dairy products:  Cheese, condensed milk, ice-cream.
  • Bean products:  Oily bean curd, dried bean slice, wheat gluten, fried strong smelling preserved bean curd etc.
  • Drinks:  Carbonated drinks, fruity drinks, coke, sarsi, isotonic drinks, alcohol drinks etc.
  • Others:  Walnut, burger, potato chips, candy, chocolate, ice cream, ice cream cake, crispy dessert, snacks, mayonnaise etc.

Besides choose a correct weight loss diet, always get more information about weight loss concept so that you understand more about your own body and how does it work.  Plan ahead what you should start and do if you want to lose weight effectively.

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Natural Weight Loss Supplements for Women

As you know, one of the trickiest and toughest goals to achieve is weight management. It needs a bunch of emphasis, motivation and determined strategy. You need to comply with arduous exercise regime, while controlling your diet. Some people want to use supplements to help speed up the process. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pills on the market, and a high percentage of them have harmful chemicals in them. These supplements are readily available in the marketplace. Guess who doesn’t regulate this market stringently? The FDA! This is from there website.

Now, I am all for exercising and eating clean without the use of supplements for losing weight, but that’s me. Others prefer to take supplements, which is fine as long as they are natural, and not filled with fillers and artificial ingredients.

All-natural weight management supplements generated completely from plants have been around for centuries. When produced correctly, they have no severe negative effects. More notably, they operate effectively.

Natural weight management supplements can assist in neutralizing continual food cravings, and lead to a healthy, balanced weight management. Recovering your wellness permits you to drop weight normally, without excess stress and effort. It’s everything about slimming down from the inside out.

Natural supplements are made of items from Mother Nature. I guess that shows that she is one of your biggest advocates. The supplements I am going to list are known to:

Suppress cravings, which means that it makes your mind believe that your belly is full, hence, reducing your propensities to overeat.
Improves your metabolic process of fat deposits. Many people are obese because they have sluggish metabolic rates. This merely suggests that if you have a slow-moving metabolic process, your body will certainly be sluggish in taking advantage of exactly what you have eaten.
They are fat burners assisting you in burning fat deposits.
These nutritional supplements have the potential (an important word) to be advantageous to those individuals that are overweight, whose lives may be in jeopardy. Remember, these supplements have different effects on different people. Some may lose weight. Others may not. Some may feel their appetites get suppressed. Others may not. This is one thing to keep in mind.

Many people believe that PhenQ supplement for losing weight is pointless. They seem to believe that these supplements merely do not work. If they do try them, they taking them with skepticism. Many people stop taking them before they even see the results. Sound familiar? I think that’s one of the top reasons why people fail at losing weight.

Whatever you decide to take, whether natural or artificial, make sure to research it thoroughly first before taking it. I will provide with some great information about these supplements, but you should never trust what people tell you. Never be afraid to do your own research first.

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