The Effectiveness Of Weight Loss Supplements

Brand, price and packaging (e.g. package design, dosage, size, etc.) are the commonly considered factors when buying weight loss supplements. However, these factors only measure practicality and not efficacy of the products. For you to ensure potency in all the weight loss supplements you purchase, there are five factors that you should closely look into.

Metabolism action

Generally, metabolism dictates the rate of fat burning and accumulation. It covers the end-to-end process of weight gain and weight loss, so this area should be maximized at the fullest. This end-to-end process refers to the caloric intake (e.g. eating) and calorie consumption (such as exercising and fat burning). Weight loss supplements that do not efficiently and significantly improve metabolism rate only focus on decreasing caloric intake, rendering them less effective in the process.

A really good weight loss supplement enhances the natural metabolic action of the body, doubling or tripling the rate of burning fat/lipid in the body in the process.

For example: Guarana extract is a popularly used herbal extract in weight loss supplements because it enhances caloric metabolism every time new lipids are being taken in.

Multivitamins also often include ginseng panax in their ingredients because they maximize the consumption of carbohydrates in the body, leaving less room for fat accumulation from carbohydrates. Who does not love more pasta?

L-Carnitine, another commercially successful metabolism booster, is an amino acid that does not only increase metabolic action but aids in faster muscle development as well. Because metabolism becomes more efficient, more calories are being consumed every time you exercise.

Fat inhibiting and binding

Immediately after eating, your body already starts its digestion and absorption process. When fat and other nutrients are absorbed, storage comes next. You will see the stored fats in the forms of cellulites and bulges. Weight loss supplements that do not have fat inhibiting and binding actions only start working after fat storage is done. If you really want to achieve weight loss at the maximum, choose a supplement that starts working as early as the first stage of food intake.

The fact is, fat is not burned that fast even with the aid of weight loss substances. In this case, the best way to protect yourself from weight gain is by minimizing calorie absorption.

For example: Chromium picolinate controls insulin production of the body. By doing so, it also controls fat storage because insulin dictates the rate of fat absorption.

Thermogenic effect

Thermogenesis refers to the body’s ability to produce heat. By increasing a person’s core heat, it also enhances metabolic action by up to three times. Taking weight loss supplements that have thermogenic action is like housing an internal sauna inside your body. It makes sweating easier and fat burning faster. Because this is an action that practically does not require any other action, such as exercising; to work, its convenience is what many supplements take advantage of.

For example: Capsaicin is perhaps the most famous thermogenesis enhancer because of its natural heat even in raw form. Capsaicin is the chemical substance that gives chili hotness.

Weight loss supplements with thermogenic effect increases blood flow, distributing heat throughout the body more effectively and dissipating lipids from unwanted body parts easily.

According to studies, maximum thermogenesis alone can easily burn as much as 270 calories per day without doing anything. 270 calories is equivalent to 25 minutes of jogging, so consider yourself “jogged” already.

Appetite reduction

What is fast metabolism with full appetite? It defeats the purpose of weight loss. Reducing the appetite significantly is a key factor in caloric metabolism because it gives more room for the body to burn excess calories. However, this should not be confused with appetite suppressant because suppressing the appetite to a bothering level will only lead to a programmed state of the body called starvation. Reducing the appetite greater than necessary will increase craving for more fatty foods.

As the body goes to a programmed starvation mode, it burns up the muscles instead of fat for fuel (energy) and releases hormones that will disturb your sense of hunger and stress management (cortisol, the stress hormone, effectively aids in weight gain). This state also results to inefficient metabolism to conserve energy (in case regular eating is not resumed as soon as possible).

For example: Glucomannan is a natural product that can reduce appetite not just by tricking the brain but by filling up the stomach as well with its expansion properties. Glucomannan is said to expand by up to 50 times of its natural size when taken in, so many weight loss supplements are mainly produced from this substance.

Energy boosting

Dieting often fails when it comes to weight loss primarily because of energy slump caused by low nutrients and low fat absorption. As a result, there will be less energy for exercising and metabolism function. If you really want to shed fats, choose supplements with stimulants that do not only give packs of energy but keep you alert as well.

For example: Caffeine is the most basic example of stimulant and metabolism booster. It is said to have thermogenic effect, especially when used an hour before any physical activity. At the same time, it keeps alertness and energy on high to give you more time for exercising.

You’ll often read about natural fat fighters that are guaranteed to reduce weight. But questions still remain unanswered. How do they work and what actions do they really take? All of the aforementioned factors do not always meet in one package. And honestly, effectiveness is not dictated by their completeness.

Not all people have the same biological capacity so you may easily lose weight just by taking weight loss supplements that have two or three of the factors being discussed above. For guaranteed effectiveness, nonetheless, looking for weight loss pills and supplements that possess all of them will lead to higher chances of success.

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