What To Eat During Menstrual Cycle

A good diet during menstruation cycle is very important for the health and wellness of women. The health of a woman during her menstruation years has always been an issue of concern for all. This is because during menstruation, a woman’s body goes through various hormonal changes and fluctuations. Often prone to weakness, it is necessary that women take care of their nutritional needs during this time.

Menstrual cramps, emotional mood swings, iron deficiency and craving for fatty food are common complaints among women of all ages, that to especially before or during their menstruation. However, a healthy diet can help overcome such.

Some foods that are to be included in the diet of women during their menstruation cycle are:

  • During Pre menstruation syndrome or PMS, women tend to crave for and binge on unhealthy food. But eating a healthy protein rich diet helps them overcome such and also help losing weight. Food like lean meat and nuts can be incorporated in meals.
  • Food high in salt and sugar are to be avoided as these result in weight gain and PMS trouble. Processed and packaged items are to be avoided as well.
  • Food rich in essential fatty acids are good for PMS. Seafood like salmon and mackerel are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 and are essential for a healthy body.
  • Dairy products release prostaglandins in our body. Eliminating certain items like eggs, dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt ease women during menstruation. High cholesterol food like red meat is also to be avoided.
  • Women lose almost 1 mg of iron every day during their menstruation cycle. Hence food rich in iron, calcium and magnesium, like fish, lean chicken, legumes, cereals, nuts, whole grains and green leafy vegetables are to be included in the diet.
  • Supplements like flaxseed oil, iron, fish oil, omega 3 and vitamins also benefit women during their menstruation days. However, these supplements are to be taken only under the advice and consultation of the doctor.
  • Certain items like caffeine and alcohol elevate PMS symptoms among women. Hence such products are to be completely dismissed from the diet plan.
  • Including a good dose of fresh fruits is essential for women during menstruation and also help in healthy weight loss.
  • Intake of plenty of water is highly recommended to ease menstrual pain and cramps.
  • Some exercise is also necessary for a healthier menstruation cycle. This helps in release of endorphins in the body that acts as natural sedatives. Exercise also helps overcome stress. This helps in overall well being of women.
  • Dark chocolate is a healthy option to treat the sweet tooth and sugar cravings during menstruation. The antioxidants present in dark chocolate is said to help a woman’s mood.
  • Junk food is to be avoided as they add on unnecessary calories and makes you feel sluggish and bloated.

A healthy diet goes a long way in a healthy menstruation cycle. The key to a painless and healthy life is a balanced lifestyle, exercise and a good diet during menstruation cycle.

5 Great Fat Burners for Moms

Moms can take advantage of both natural and trouble-free means to burn fat. This is even factual throughout the months after giving birth and you still had the baby weight. What are great fat burners for moms? Here are some examples to consider.

Fat Burner #1: Breastfeed Your Babies

Breastfeeding your infants can help you shake off additional weight you acquired throughout pregnancy. As stated by the La Leche League, women breastfeeding their children burn additional calories compared to those who nurture their kid through bottle-fed milk. As you burn extra calories by means of breastfeeding, you are more possibly to shake off weight more rapidly within the initial year following giving birth.
If you are breastfeeding, your body requires giving sufficient nutrients not only for you but your baby as well. As stated by the La Leche League International, breastfeeding women must sustain caloric intake of approximately 1800 every day to give sufficient milk resource. You can still shake off weight while breastfeeding by means of intensifying your action levels and lessening your calorie intake every day. Breastfeeding mothers who lessen calories in this means can still give nourishment for their infants and may possibly shake off one to two pounds every month, even though this quantity differs according to every woman.

Fat Burner #2: Green Tea

Moms who are not breastfeeding can experiment with green tea. CNN.com recommends that ingesting five cups of green tea daily enhances your metabolism. It does so by means of intensifying the quantity of calories your body burns either during relaxation or while exercising. The catechin polyphenols are the components that change your body’s chemical dispensation of heat, therefore intensifying your metabolism and burning fat.

Fat Burner #3: Consume the Right Snacks

Children typically consume food five times daily, counting two snacks and three meals. Once you give food to your children, provide yourself as well. As stated by the CNN.com, women consuming extra meals every day have depleted quantities of body fat. Consuming snacks such as almonds, cherries and whole grains will make both you and your kid healthier. It will also aid you burn fat during the day.

Fat Burner #4: Train Your Children

Becoming energetic permits you to burn extra fat. As a matter of fact, dressing in an informal way once you are home with your children persuades you to become extra energetic, as stated by the CNN.com. Wear your jeans, go out in the open air and chase your children, play a sport of tag, walking with them to the park, or play soccer or football. All of these actions will let you burn excess fat.

Fat Burner #5: Reduce Calories

Weight increase occurs in the appearance of additional calories, and even though added weight is essential throughout pregnancy, several women get it hard to shake off fat following having a baby. In addition, a full activity mom might not have time to deal with healthy meals for herself and might choose to consume food that is effortlessly obtainable. The quantities of calories you take in contain a precise result on how much energy you require for actions. Prior to consuming anything, take into account whether you are really famished or whether you are eating for additional purposes, like dullness or stress. Deciding to eat merely once you are physiologically famished and subsequently consuming smaller quantities of food will lessen the quantity of calories you take in and will help you shake off weight.
These best diet pills for moms assure weight loss in a short period of time. It may take effort but it is worth a try.

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