Dos and Don’ts When Starting Working Out

If you are first starting to work out, you may feel confused, and even a little intimidated, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

You might feel as though you are going to fail because you don’t know what you are doing.

Here are some simple dos and don’ts that can make you feel much better about your chances for workout and weight loss success.

Do Decide What You Want

It’s not a good enough goal to just say that you want to exercise more. Exactly what do you want? Maybe you want to lose weight for a certain special occasion. Maybe you want to lose weight so that you can do a specific thing, such as get back to playing a sport you used to play when you were younger.

Don’t Exercise Alone

Exercising along can be boring. You don’t have to go to the gym, but you should participate in exercise with at least one friend or family member. That way you’ll have someone to chat with. That also increases your exercise options. For example, if you exercise with a friend, you can play tennis or another two-player sport together. You will also have someone to act as a spotter, if you choose to lift weights.

Do Create a Routine

It’s important to create an exercise routine, when you first start to work out. You can’t just exercise whenever you want to. You need to choose exercises that are appropriate for your skill level. Here are some great examples of workout routines for beginners. Just keep in mind that they are only examples. You should create a workout routine that fits well with your circumstances, schedule, and lifestyle.

Don’t Stress Out

When you start a new workout routine, it’s important not to stress out or overdo things. Remember that it’s alright to start at a slow and steady pace. Be sure to relax during your exercise routine. If you tense up, your muscles won’t work efficiently.

Do Stretch and Hydrate

Two of the biggest keys to a successful workout routine are hydration and stretching. Always have water, Gatorade, or a healthy equivalent handy when you exercise. Be sure to stop and take a drink whenever you need to. A 2-minute break for a drink will not hurt you.

As for stretching, a lot of people stretch before a workout. That is important because it gets your body ready for exercise. What many people don’t do is stretch after a workout, but they should. A post-workout stretching routine should always be part of your workout. It can help to relax your muscles and help you to gradually calm down from the natural excitement of exercising.

Don’t Do the Same Exercises All the Time

When you hear the words “workout routine,” you probably think of something boring and repetitive, but the best workout routines are actually fun and challenging. You shouldn’t do the same exercises all the time because it will get boring. Also, doing the same thing over and over again might be bad for your body. Building up some muscles too much and completely ignoring others is not good for your general health.

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Do Exercise with Your Goal in Mind

Different exercises are good for different purposes. For example, a person that wants to run a marathon should do different exercises from a person who wants to win a bodybuilding competition. Someone who simply wants to lose weight would also have a completely different exercise routine. So, always keep your goal in mind.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Finally, don’t get discouraged if your workout routine doesn’t seem to be working right away. It can take a while for your body to adjust to the new routine. Here’s a good list of easy ways to keep yourself motivated to stay on track.

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