CurvaTrim (Xylestril) Review

Actually there are so many ads about CurvaTrim in Google. Of course in almost all of those ads, CurvaTrim is being touted as the best diet supplement that ever existed. But let’s see what CurvaTrim is all about.

CurvaTrim actually is only the newer version of Xylestril. As you can see, Xylestril’s bottle design looks very close to CurvaTrim. Not only the design but the ingredients are not different either. Both CurvaTrim and Xylestril use avena satina, damiana, and yam. The manufacturer of CurvaTrim also took the same way in promoting their new product just like what they did with Xylestril.

How effective CurvaTrim is?

History speaks itself. Xylestril failed to mark its name in the weight loss market. Most people who ever used Xylestril agree that this weight loss drug didn’t help them to lose their excess fat. Due to this reason, Xylestril manufacturer opted to stop the production of their diet supplement. But then they back to the competition under a new name “CurvaTrim”.

Unfortunately, there is nothing new in CurvaTrim. It’s really disappointing to see this fact but it seems the company which created Xylestril is just trying to market their product no matter what people think about their older brand. CurvaTrim uses the same ingredient with Xylestril (damiana, yam, avena satina, etc.) CurvaTrim also looks unconvincing because its manufacturer claims this product will be able to enhance your breast and treat your acne beside its ability to aid your diet. Excess fat, acne, and breast are three non-related problems and there is no scientific proof that damiana, yam, and avena satina could enhance your breast, suppress your appetite, and also treat your acne. So I say CurvaTrim is not clinically proven and the best option is to stay away from it.

The side effects

The good part is, CurvaTrim’s users never complained about the side effects. Different with more popular diet supplements such as Hydroxycut, Hoodia, or Alli, CurvaTrim has no known side effect. CurvaTrim may cause harmless side effects like minor head aches but it is not a major issue.

So what to do?

CurvaTrim diet pill is not effective despite it has no known side effect. CurvaTrim failed to prove its effectiveness as a diet pill in various clinical studies. It also failed to prove its relation to breast enhancement and acne treatment. Diet Pills Hut doesn’t believe in both Xylestril and CurvaTrim and we also hope you’ll have the same point of view after reading this article.

Weight loss pills are probably the most luring option for an overweight person who dream of possessing a perfect slim figure. They come with big promises like guaranteed 5 pounds weight loss in thirty days and many more. Many of them fail to keep their promises and end up affecting the patients’ health with its harmful side effects. Moreover there are quite a number of brands that sell weight loss pills with the claim of their product being the best. So this becomes pretty much confusing for the customers who are in search for a genuine weight loss pills that will help them get rid of their excess flab.

Free Weight Loss Pills

The free weight loss pills are the most craved option for the consumers. This helps out the customers with a practical experience of how the pills work. Patients get a clear idea about the possible effectiveness of the pills during the free trial period. In fact after trying out some of the available free weight loss pills, the customers get to know which will fit best in there budget and suffice their requirement. People from the lower and middle-income group often find it difficult to shell out their hard earned money for these pills. So they prefer the free trial samples of the weight loss pills and decide to buy them after knowing more.

Now there are some factors that you need to consider before you request for any free weight loss pills sample online. There are web sites, which will trap you badly once you provide them with your credit card information thinking that they will charge you for the shipping cost only. They provide you with the free samples for a certain trial period and then the period is automatically extended without any notification.

You will find your money getting automatically debited from your credit card account regularly. The cancellation process will seem to be never-ending and in the mean time you will be completely robbed of. So before signing up for a free weight loss pills sample read the terms and conditions carefully and know the charges in details.

Weight loss pills can be very expensive and that’s why some potential customers decide not to purchase. A very important part of free weight loss pills is that you can test out the product to see if it will actually benefit you before deciding to spend your own hard earned money.

Does CurvaTrim Work?

CurvaTrim claims to be a 100% natural slimming aid in capsule form. It is available from the official website at a cost of $69.95 for one bottle, $119.95 for two and $149.95 for three.

So Does CurvaTrim Actually Work?

Looking at the facts available, we are somewhat sceptical as to whether CurvaTrim actually works. The website is very economical with information about the product, for example, there is no mention of how often you should take CurvaTrim, only that you should take it before a meal.
Without knowing the recommended dosage and subsequently how long a bottle will last, it is hard to assess its effectiveness or even cost with such basic information apparently unavailable.
The official CurvaTrim site rather flippantly suggests that the blend of powerful phytonutrients (plant extracts in English) aid weight loss by increasing metabolism and energy levels to burn more fat, whilst curbing the appetite. Apart from a list of just four ingredients and a handful of predictably biased reviews, these claims are not supported with any real fact.

CurvaTrim ingredients

The ingredients listed in CurvaTrim are: Irvingia Gabonensis, Green Select Green Tea, Chromax and Caffeine.
Admittedly these are well documented to assist weight loss either by raising metabolism and energy levels to allow for greater fat burn, or by suppressing the appetite, but, nowhere is there any evidence that the blend in CurvaTrim itself has been clinically trialled or endorsed.
We are not even given the doses of the ingredients to assess whether they are present in amounts significant enough to be effective.
In fact, the CurvaTrim website is quite misleading in saying ‘CurvaTrim stands out amongst the competition because its been clinically tested and proven to suppress appetite and increase thermogenesis.’ In addition to “The majority of slimming products on the market contain ingredients that have not been scientifically tested and aren’t backed by proof’, this rather duplicitous statement suggests to the uninformed that the blend has been clinically tested, with no evidence to support this.
There is a big difference between the ingredients being clinically tested and the blend itself being subjected to the rigours of a clinical trial.

CurvaTrim customer reviews and feedback

There is very little positive feedback online about this product, which suggests that CurvaTrim cannot live up to its claims. In fact, on a number of independent diet websites, there seems to be more to CurvaTrim than what has been alluded to on the official site, namely the ingredient Sida Cordifolia.
Sida Cordifolia contains Ephedrine which is a banned substance in the US as a diet supplement and only lawfully available in the UK from a registered pharmacy. The chemical makeup of Ephedrine is similar to that of an amphetamine, and can cause similar side effects.h
It is rather concerning that there is no mention of this on the Phen24 website, yet there is much speculation online about its presence. As there is generally no smoke without fire, we would be very cautious not only as to the effectiveness of PhenQ, but also as to its potential negative side effects.

CurvaTrim appears to have an element of mystery surrounding it which is not dispelled by the official site. The loose claims to ‘incinerate body fat,’ curb appetite and increase metabolism are certainly not supported by any fact or evidence.
In addition, the speculation online about the possible presence of Sida Cordifolia, would make us approach this product very cautiously.
The ingredients which are listed by the official site do have credible weight loss properties, but in the absence of a clinical trial and the question mark over what else is in it, we would suggest other diet pills should be considered over this one.
Unfortunately this diet supplement has too many unanswered questions to make it a recommended choice.

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