CurvaTrim (Xylestril) Review

Actually there are so many ads about CurvaTrim in Google. Of course in almost all of those ads, CurvaTrim is being touted as the best diet supplement that ever existed. But let’s see what CurvaTrim is all about.

CurvaTrim actually is only the newer version of Xylestril. As you can see, Xylestril’s bottle design looks very close to CurvaTrim. Not only the design but the ingredients are not different either. Both CurvaTrim and Xylestril use avena satina, damiana, and yam. The manufacturer of CurvaTrim also took the same way in promoting their new product just like what they did with Xylestril.

How effective CurvaTrim is?

History speaks itself. Xylestril failed to mark its name in the weight loss market. Most people who ever used Xylestril agree that this weight loss drug didn’t help them to lose their excess fat. Due to this reason, Xylestril manufacturer opted to stop the production of their diet supplement. But then they back to the competition under a new name “CurvaTrim”.

Unfortunately, there is nothing new in CurvaTrim. It’s really disappointing to see this fact but it seems the company which created Xylestril is just trying to market their product no matter what people think about their older brand. CurvaTrim uses the same ingredient with Xylestril (damiana, yam, avena satina, etc.) CurvaTrim also looks unconvincing because its manufacturer claims this product will be able to enhance your breast and treat your acne beside its ability to aid your diet. Excess fat, acne, and breast are three non-related problems and there is no scientific proof that damiana, yam, and avena satina could enhance your breast, suppress your appetite, and also treat your acne. So I say CurvaTrim is not clinically proven and the best option is to stay away from it.

The side effects

The good part is, CurvaTrim’s users never complained about the side effects. Different with more popular diet supplements such as Hydroxycut, Hoodia, or Alli, CurvaTrim has no known side effect. CurvaTrim may cause harmless side effects like minor head aches but it is not a major issue.

So what to do?

CurvaTrim diet pill is not effective despite it has no known side effect. CurvaTrim failed to prove its effectiveness as a diet pill in various clinical studies. It also failed to prove its relation to breast enhancement and acne treatment. Diet Pills Hut doesn’t believe in both Xylestril and CurvaTrim and we also hope you’ll have the same point of view after reading this article.

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