Common Fallacies about Weight Loss

Nowadays many women consider themselves to be real experts in losing weight.

As a rule, the knowledge that we have about the loss of excess weight are taken not from professional nutritionists, but from friends, acquaintances, perhaps even parents in the childhood.

In fact, most of the information can be misleading. Modern dietology revised views on many things. And meanwhile, fallacies not only prevent us from losing weight, but turn any attempt to lose weight in real torture! In this article we’ll try to dispel most popular fallacies about losing weight.

Fallacy #1. It is Necessary to Eat as Little as Possible.

This fallacy is, perhaps, the most common of all. Since childhood, we have developed a stereotype: a fat person always eats a lot and vice versa. In fact, it’s is not true! A thin person can eat anything and in any quantity and stay at the same weight, and a puffy one can have just one look at food and it’s enough to gain a little more.

Everything depends on metabolism.

If we eat little or rarely, the metabolism simply slows down: all metabolic processes proceed slowly, including the processes of fat-to-energy conversion. The longer our body experiences a feeling of hunger, the more it “adjusts” to the storage of fat. Consume 15% -20% of calories less than you spend. This is the most important principle.

Therefore, you need to eat even if you are on a diet. The most important thing is to eat the right food!

Fallacy #2. The Result of Combining Several Methods of Weight Loss Significantly Exceeds the Use of One Diet.

People sometimes start combining several diets at once to get better and quicker results, but it is a terribly dangerous fallacy!

First, a significant number of diets simply contradict each other. Secondly, as a rule, combining different diets, people tighten them and cannot withstand such a dietary regime.

On the other hand, it is possible and even desirable to combine diet with workouts in the gym or you can also add proper diet pills if it is necessary.

Fallacy #3. You Must Refuse from Fat to Lose Weight

Fat is a stock of energy. And we need energy in order to move, maintain body temperature, breathe, think and … to live.

It should come from outside with food. It’s true that we should lose our fat, but there is no need for extremes! Otherwise, you can disrupt the normal course of many important processes in the body.

Fallacy #4. Genes do not affect obesity

In fact, genes can affect obesity pretty much, but sometimes it occurs through generations. A person whose parents faced a problem of excess weight really has an inclination to stoutness.

Moreover, the overweight of your father, the culinary fancies of your mother and the level of physical fitness of the grandfather are the factors that can affect your way of life. However, balanced diet and regular physical activity will help to avoid problems with excess weight.

Fallacy #5. You Mustn’t Eat after 6 p.m.

If you, like kids of the nursery group of the kindergarten, go to bed at 9 p.m., then, of course, you should refuse from the evening meal. If you go to sleep at 11 p.m. or later, then at 8 p.m. you can have a snack. But these shouldn’t be sandwiches and fried potatoes, of course. Light vegetable salad or low-fat cottage cheese will not do any harm to your figure.

Of course, these are not all fallacies about weight loss. Anyway this knowledge is enough to prevent many annoying mistakes while reducing weight. Pay special attention to the tendency: it is not necessary to refuse anything in most cases. The main thing is that the amount of a “dangerous” product in the diet should be modest.

Believe, it is much easier to control the amount of food than to have categorical prohibitions. So, draw your own conclusions, lose weight, be beautiful and healthy!

Merida Diet Pills

Meridia is regarded as a weight loss drug designed to aid obese or overweight people lose weight easily in their attempts at weight loss whenever it’s usually combined with a very healthy diet or meal and regular exercises. It’s available in the form of capsules and actually makes its users feel full by affecting that part of the brain that controls the appetite. Whenever it does this, users are then forced to eat light food and automatically begin to lose weight easily as a result.

Sibutramine is an ingredient that helps in suppressing food appetites that has been included as an ingredient in PhenQ. It also increases the rate of heart beat and is a subject of major controversies due to its major side effects which have even led to death in some cases.

Advantages of Meridia:

It’s approved by the FDA
It’s a very simple to take weight loss pill – to be taken orally once a day.
The official website of this weight loss supplement offers a lot of in-depth details on the prescriptions of the medication.
Side Effects of Meridia:
Excessive Sweating
Nausea, Diarrhoea and Vomiting
Heart Rate
Psychological damage including suicidal tendencies, psychosis, depression and mania
Shortness of breath- Breathing difficulties
Bleeding from under the skin, from the anus, from the guns or even in the urine.
Heart Attacks
Allergic reactions which might lead to respiratory problems hives, swelling of the tongue and lips and throat closing over.
In some other cases, some users could develop the Serotonin Syndrome which is very deadly and could lead to death.

As a result of its serious or deadly side effects, it’s highly advised that users of this product tread with extreme caution when they are using this product. A lot of weight loss experts feel the side effects that result from using Meridia really outweigh the benefits that could be derived from using it to help them lose weight. Some people find it amazing that a product like this could actually be approved by the FDA. This has led to unconfirmed reports that the drug was only under review with the FDA and was never approved.

There are worst side effects that could result when you decide to use Phen24 and the Serotonin Syndrome is just one of the fatal side effects it can induce. Other side effects include heart attacks; one could even develop psychological issues using this product which could eventually lead to suicide.

It has been found to induce anorexia in some users and it’s really absurd that a product that is supposed to help obese or overweight people lose weight can actually help them creating another eating disorder, Anorexia.

Meridia should not be regarded as a weight loss pill for weight loss because it’s not safe or healthy to use it. If you want to easily lose weight, a change in lifestyle and some regular exercise can prove helpful.

This product should only be considered by severely obese people who they were designed for in the first place. It should also be taken under the supervision of a doctor to be able to deal with the side effects that tend to show up, immediately they do.

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