Big Lessons Learned from Weight Watchers Stories

Weight Watchers isn’t the most popular weight loss plan for nothing. Why is it so popular? The answer is very obvious. Because it works!

The company will be celebrating their golden anniversary next year. They’re still going strong after nearly 5 decades, thanks to their well-structured program that has been yielding reproducible results.

The results are nothing short of spectacular. There are members who were able to conquer chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. Some decided to make a living out of being physically active whereas moving a finger was too taxing for them before they joined the program. And some were able to love themselves for the first time.

Why do so many succeed on Weight Watchers?

No matter what the success stories are, they all have a commonality—gradual, steady weight loss.
In other words, people learned the type of weight loss that can be sustained and maintained.
The Weight Watchers mantra is: “slow and steady wins the race”.
If you check out the success stories on their website you will read the note that those who follow the program will lose one to two pounds a week. Members find this goal very doable and realistic, increasing likelihood of long-term adherence to the program.
The problem with fad diets is that they tend to over-promise with their results. “You’ll lose 14 lbs in 7 days!” is not an uncommon pitch you’ll hear from them. It is possible to lose that much weight in a week, depending on your baseline weight and how desperate you are. The question is, are you able to sustain the weight loss after doing the diet? And was it fat that you lost?
It’s usually water weight and muscle tissue that are lost in rapid weight loss diets. Not good because losing too much water weight can lead to dehydration. And losing muscle mass is a bad idea because it’s muscle that will turn your body into a strong, youthful, fat-burning machine. Fat loss is more guaranteed when weight is lost gradually. This is something achieved when you combine smart eating and exercise on the Weight Watchers program.

The proof of the pudding

Okay, now let’s take a look at 3 Weight Watchers success stories.

Success story # 1: Deborah the ex-smoker

What enabled Deborah to kick the nicotine habit was regular exercise. She was able to get the addictive and toxic substance out of her system through sweating. She also mastered portion control (which she learned from Weight Watchers Meetings) and devised a good battle plan on how to pre-empt unhealthy snack attacks.
Success story # 2: Valerie, a former emotional eater
Valerie was an emotional eater, but Weight Watchers taught her to be sensible. She realized that food wasn’t the solution to anything. She practiced discipline by sticking to the points system and exercising no matter what. She also attributes her success to the support she got from her husband and Weight Watchers Online.

Success story # 3: Kim, who went from obese to sexy

After two years on the program Kim was able to fit into her 21-year-old daughter’s jeans. How did she do it? She finally decided to attend the meetings regularly. She also stuck to the points system, which “forced” her to eat healthier foods. Eventually it washed her taste buds clean and eating healthy became second nature to her.

The secret Weight Watchers’ winning formula

These 3 stories reveal to us the secrets behind Weight Watchers’ success as a weight loss program.
Weight Watchers teaches its members to practice a lifetime of healthy habits (portion control, exercise, whole food choices).The Meetings provide invaluable support and guidance (the ones who yo-yo are those who are irregular with their attendance).The program inculcates discipline and responsibility which both empower women to take charge of their bodies and lives.
What will your success story be like? Perhaps you can find out by joining now.

Finding Weight Loss Pills that Actually Work

There are so many different supplements out there that claim to help you lose weight but many don’t deliver on their promises. When it comes to finding weight loss pills that actually work, research is your ally. The Internet is a great tool for researching various supplements for weight loss and discovering which ones work and which ones don’t. Just be careful not to fall for slick advertising campaigns which often make empty promises. You want a supplement that actually does what it says it will do. And, remember the old saying if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Finding weight loss pills that actually work is a matter of reading ingredient lists, then researching those ingredients to see what their purpose is. Common ingredients these days in leading supplements include acai berry, green tea, chromium and l-theanine. Acai berry on its own does not cause weight loss, but it is packed with antioxidants which are beneficial to health.

Green tea extract may help weight loss efforts because it is thought to boost the metabolism which is the body’s fat burning engine. PhenQ is an amino acid that helps improve sleep quality and feelings of well being, which can aid your diet efforts. Chromium is another metabolism booster that may help turn food into energy rather than storing it as fat.

Steer clear of pills with stimulants in them, save for low doses of caffeine unless you are sensitive to it. These may be dangerous and there are better ways to lose weight. When taking any kind of supplement, make sure you are eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. These are the most important parts of any weight loss plan, the pills simply give your efforts an extra boost.

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