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best fat burners that work

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With so much recent hype surrounding the idea of a fat burner, it is hard to find the strongest fat burners that actually live up to the hype, and it can be extremely frustrating to find fat burners that work at all. But there is no need to fear, there are fat burners that help you to burn fat and lose weight without side effects or problems at affordable prices. The trouble is knowing which are which. was created to help you to find all the best ingredients and combinations thereof to help you to burn more fat and find out what makes them effective.

Our 3 Step Process Of Elimination

1. Find all the best clinical trials and other scientific proof
2. Find thousands of consumer reviews and testimonials
3. Determine all the strongest fat burners
By combining all the scientific evidence we found with the consumer reviews we were able to discover, has found the strongest fat burners that will eliminate your fat and help you to achieve the body and figure that you have always dreamed of. You can keep reading to find the strongest fat burners, narrowing it down to just 3 in fact.

The Strongest 3 Fat Burners


Lipofuze helps you to achieve greater fat burning results with 6 patented and 4 clinically proven fat burning ingredients. With Lipofuze, you get maximum power from not only one powerful fat burning ingredient in the right amount, but 10. It burns more fat, increases metabolism, suppresses appetite, and builds lean muscle for future maintenance all at the same time. With Lipofuze, you can be sure that you are getting the greatest possible results for your money.


Phenphedrine is the fat burner that helps you to burn fat by enhancing your body’s own natural fat burning mechanisms so they don’t taper off or plateau over time. With Phenphedrine, you continually burn more fat, increase metabolism, keep your appetite under control, and sustain healthy energy levels for a greater overall result that you would not find anywhere else.

Orovo Detox

Orovo Detox helps you to achieve greater results in fat burning by first helping you to get rid of pounds of toxic buildup. You automatically lose weight, increase your metabolism, control appetite, and get rid of cravings in a snap. But then they also use proven fat burners unlike any other detox on the market such as green tea that will give you greater results than you have ever seen before. With Orovo Detox, you can lose more weight and burn more fat than with most weight loss pills in general, let alone detoxes.

Lipofuze Fat Burner

When you are the top fat burner, you have a lot of competition. You can’t make any mistakes and you always have to be on top of your game. Lipofuze makes being the top-rated fat burner look almost easy. It does this with the help of one of the strongest formulas I’ve seen.

Ingredients in Lipofuze

• Green Select Phytosome – This ultra-potent ingredient is the patented form of Green Tea. It is high in polyphenols, which are antioxidants. Besides detoxifying your body, this ingredient should stimulate a faster rate of fat burn.
• Chromax – In order for insulin to do its job, it needs chromium picolinate. Chromax is the patented form of this essential trace mineral. When you use Lipofuze, it should normalize your blood sugar levels; resulting in appetite suppression and less fat storage.
• Irvingia Gabonensis – Few ingredients will suppress your appetite and get your body to burn fat like Irvingia Gabonensis will.
• Cissus Quadrangularis – Not only does it suppress your appetite, this ingredient has been proven to support and strengthen joints.
• Coenzyme Q10 – By increasing metabolism, this enzyme gives you more energy and helps you lose weight faster.
• Green Tea – Although not as powerful as its patented cousin, Green Tea is still a potent fat-burning antioxidant.

The Facts About Lipofuze Fat Burner

On the official website it says that only 4 of the ingredients have been clinically proven. Well, I have actually found studies on all of them, which show that they can effectively contribute to weight loss…as long as the right dose is used. Recently, the makers of Lipofuze updated the formula so that it uses the clinically proven dose of each ingredient.

Lipofuze was effective before, but with clinically proven ingredients and doses, it’s even more so now. It continues to be safe too. Most people who try it shouldn’t experience any side effects. The few that might are those who are highly sensitive to caffeine.

How to Use It

There are 60 capsules of Lipofuze in every bottle. Because you are supposed to take 2 a day, it will last you for a whole month. I like that you only have to take 2 capsules a day because that’s so much easier than taking 4-6 like you have to with some products.

Cost & Guarantee

The retail price for Lipofuze is $99.99. But don’t panic! You will not have to pay that much. Some sites sell the fat burner for as low as $40. If you purchase it from, the price is $49.95.

It’s true that you have to pay more when you buy from the official website, but I still think it’s a good idea because that’s the only way you’ll get a money back guarantee. With the guarantee, you don’t risk any of your money when you try Lipofuze.

Educated Opinion

I’ve always had a high opinion of Lipofuze because I really like the ingredients it uses. They are backed by a lot of research and they have helped make other fat burners safe and effective too. With the recent updates to the formula, I like Lipofuze even more now.

Lipofuze is a great choice for people who want to burn fat faster and have more control over their diet. I think that most people will be satisfied with it, so I recommend that you try Lipofuze.

Phenphedrine Fat Burner

Science and nature are combined in the formula of Phenphedrine. On one hand, the method is based on scientific breakthroughs and many of the ingredients have been scientifically tested. On the other hand, Phenphedrine is 100% natural and doesn’t use any synthetic ingredients.

Phenphedrine is a best-selling fat burner and has thousands of faithful followers. So, what is it that makes Phenphedrine so popular?

What’s in the Formula?

There’s a constant struggle between CART and NPY in your brain. When CART is winning, you lose weight faster and have more energy. When NPY starts to win, energy levels plummet; stress rises; and metabolism gets sluggish. Phenphedrine uses ingredients that have been clinically proven to support CART and suppress NPY.

The key ingredients that support CART are DiCaffeine Malate and Caffeine Anhydrous. They activate the CART chemical better than any other substance; except cocaine, which is obviously illegal. These two forms of caffeine also stimulate thermogenesis, which speeds up the rate with which your body burns fat.

Chromax is a patented appetite suppressant. In one study, it reduced the hunger levels of participants by 24%. When your cravings are reduced, it’s easier for you to make healthy diet choice and to cut down on calories.

Pros of Phenphedrine Fat Burner

• The official website discloses complete ingredient information for Phenphedrine. This is something I rarely see anymore. With this information, I was able to research all the ingredients and find that the clinically recommended dose of each ingredient has been used. This makes Phenphedrine that much more effective.
• Normally, the cost for Phenphedrine is $129.95, but you can get it for less when you buy from an official retailer. Right now, they’re selling it for $69.95. When you buy more than one bottle, the price is reduced even more.
• Phenphedrine is very safe. Most users do not report that it caused any side effects when they used it as directed.
• In case Phenphedrine doesn’t work for you, the official retailer offers a 100% money back guarantee. All you have to do is return your empty bottle and you’ll get a refund. More details are available at

Cons of Phenphedrine Fat Burner

• You can’t buy Phenphedrine unless you are 18 or older and you shouldn’t use it unless you are older than 18.
• People who are sensitive to stimulants probably should not use Phenphedrine.

What Do Users Think?

You can learn a lot about Phenphedrine fat burner from the ingredients, but there are some things that only consumers can tell you. The good news is that you can actually find customer reviews for Phenphedrine online. Not every fat burner has these.

From reading these reviews, I learned that people really like Phenphedrine. They give specifics for how much weight it helped them lose and how quickly it worked. They say that it gave them energy, reduced their cravings, and works better than other fat burners. People say that the customer service for Phenphedrine is great too.

Educated Opinion

Phenphedrine has a powerful formula; there’s no doubt about it. It is also completely natural and very safe. Most people who use the fat burner have been able to successfully lose weight. You can read their success stories on the official website or on Phenphedrine’s Facebook page.

I think chances are good that Phenphedrine fat burner will work for you. If it doesn’t, you can always take advantage of the money back guarantee.

I recommend that you make Phenphedrine your fat burner of choice.

Orovo Detox Fat Burner

Orovo Detox is a best-selling fat burner. But why? To find the answer, and to see what makes it one of the strongest fat burners, I analyzed the formula and searched for what customers say. If you’re looking for an effective diet pills, you might be interested in what I found.

The Formula of Orovo Detox Fat Burner

I usually like to share my analysis of each ingredient in a fat burner, but Orovo Detox has more than 30! To sum it up, Orovo Detox has the Top 10 SuperFoods, the most powerful antioxidants available, and potent weight loss ingredients.

You can learn more about the Top 10 SuperFoods on the official website, but for now, all you need to know is they are famous for helping people lose weight and get in better shape.

Antioxidants are the archenemy of toxins and free radicals. They can eliminate these harmful substances from your body and reduce oxidative stress. The makers of Orovo Detox have used antioxidants because–by eliminating toxins–they can help you feel healthier and lose weight more easily.

As if SuperFoods and antioxidants aren’t enough, Orovo Detox makers have also used some common weight loss ingredients, like green tea, to help you burn fat that much faster. If you want to see what doses are used, that information is available online.

What Users Say About Orovo Detox

The general customer opinion of Orovo Detox is positive. I found dozens of customer reviews that were written by people who had their expectations met by Orovo Detox. The give specific examples of how much weight it helped them lose, how quickly it worked, and how much better they feel after using it.

Granted, there are some people that Orovo Detox didn’t work for, but that’s where the money back guarantee comes in (see Cost & Guarantee). I really like this guarantee because it shows that the manufacturers are confident in their product. It also shows that they realize Orovo Detox won’t work for everyone. They won’t make you pay for it if it doesn’t work for you.

Directions for Use

There are 112 capsules in every bottle of Orovo Detox. You are supposed to take 4 capsules thirty minutes before breakfast and lunch with 12-16 ounces of water; in other words, 8 capsules a day.

With these doses, you’ll only be taking Orovo Detox for 14 days, but it still last a month. Let me explain: you take the fat burner for 7 days and then you take 7 days off. That’s how it lasts for a month and that’s how you lose weight.

Cost & Guarantee

The only place to buy Orovo Detox online is the official website: The price for a one month supply of the fat burner is $43.99. When you buy two or more bottle, the price gets reduced even more and you get a free bottle of 7 Day Slimming Pill; which is a nice bonus.

You’ll also receive a 100% money back guarantee from the site. If you try Orovo Detox and it doesn’t work for you, all you have to do is return the empty bottle and you’ll get a refund.

Educated Opinion

I’m not easily impressed by fat burners – most of them just don’t have what it takes–but I’m very impressed with Orovo Detox. It offers consumers a unique, but effective, approach to weight loss that will leave them feeling lighter, healthier, and more energized.

I’m even more of an advocate of Orovo Detox because of the money back guarantee. Since I think it should be safe and effective, and because you can try it risk free; I strongly recommend that you try Orovo Detox.

Lose 23 Pounds Easily With Thermogenic Fat Burners

Thermogenic Fat Burners Time may help people in your life see you past your appearance but how many have the chance to hang around? Most people you encounter will see you only once or twice, at more superficial levels and judge you by how you look.

A part of your success depends on appearance, even more so if you are in the industry of entertainment or media. If losing weight is the problem related to your looks, thermogenic fat burners are solutions you may want to look into.

Thermogenic Fat Burners: Reasons

Thermogenic fat burner pills help you burn fat and lose the extra pounds fast, to the equivalent of 25 minute jogging a pill.

This of course requires you to change your lifestyle as well. Taking thermogenic fat burner pills make you lose weight, literally shrinking as you lose all the fat. Fast weight loss equals instant number sink on your weight scale.

This calls for a new eating habit and exercise routine, as smaller figure requires less calorie while your shrinking body needs exercise to tone up and become firmer. This may prove difficult to many people because, again, it means a change of lifestyle.

Leaving the Comfort Zone

It is not easy indeed leaving your comfort zone and facing the possibility of failing your diet plans or exercise routine. Indeed, it is easier to joke about being a couch potato rather than having people laugh at your effort to lose weight and start exercising.

There are plenty other reasons why starting the program to lose weight is difficult. Remember though, that this is for your own good, your own health, and for the sake of your own life.

Self Belief and Why It Matters

The single secret you need to believe is the idea that you need to work along with your diet plans and not against them. Remember that it’s all in your head and you have the control. It all depends on your motivation and self-belief. In order to lose weight, your determination and attitude are what counts.

Yet another fact not too many people know: your well being, physical or otherwise, comes from the way you face the dieting program, not the program itself.

It is the belief that you’re correcting the wrong, doing something to achieve your goals that boosts your confidence and therefore your overall condition. All this in addition to thermogenic fat burner pills are the key to losing weight the quickest and most natural way.

Users of thermogenic fat burner pills testified to 5 pounds weight loss a week, some even reported a 9 pound loss in a single week. And these results are reported by those who exercise moderately.

The key is of course the regularity in which they do the moderate exercise, as well as the combination of fat burner pills. In addition to fat burning, the thermogenic fat burner pills also stimulate the energy, giving users more strength and duration during exercise.

15 Thermogenic Food Items and Spices Ready to Burn Your Fat

Does that sound like expensive things to you? It does to me. Or at least it did, when I first heard it. It’s a good thing that I found out soon that I was completely wrong.

Thermogenic food is simply a group of food which happen to have the property of intense fat burning while, at the same time, help with your metabolism level.

It is quite amazing that you can burn fat while eating as well as afterward.

These 15 food items easily found in any kitchen certainly do that.

  • Hot Peppers. Hot and spicy, the spices do have thermogenic properties which stimulate your metabolism right up.
  • Garlic. Aside from being tasty, garlic is also good for the heart as well as your weight loss battle.
  • Ginger. It is supremely versatile, you can add it to most dish, even drinks and it burns fat really well.
  • Parsley. It is believed that parsley does wonder to the circulatory system. It keeps your bloodstream working smoothly.
  • Berries. These treats are exceptionally good as it cuts back the absorption of calorie, causing no additional craving and sacrificing no nutrition.
  • Cabbage. Known as the vegetable for longer life, cabbage has high concentration of fiber which is a big bonus point in the game of weight loss.
  • Lemons. A small amount of lemon, a simple tablespoon, in your soup, salad or even water is enough to cut back your cravings. It also helps keep your insulin levels stable.
  • Brussel sprouts. Having thermogenic properties, Brussel sprouts are loaded with mineral and vitamins which in turn raise your metabolic levels.
  • Broccoli and Cauliflower. These tasty vegetables taste good while carrying lots of calcium as well, in addition to their thermogenic properties.
  • Green Tea. Hot or cold, a glass of green tea before any meal will make your body worhips you completely.
  • Apple Cider. It is already well known for its weight loss ability; any savvy dieter will have apple cider or apple cider vinegar in his or her diet.
  • Mustard. If you are not exactly a fan of hot peppers, mustard is a perfect alternative. What’s more, any meals cooked with mustard give the dish thermogenic properties, too.
  • Cinnamon. With its wonderful scent and even better taste, the thermogenic properties can be seen as a mere bonus.
  • Vinegar. Known for its use in the treatment of metabolic disorders, acid based flavor aids like vinegar and its peers are perfect natural way to increase the rate of your metabolism.
  • Water. Something most of us take for granted, ice cold water helps keep you well hydrated while your metabolism kicks into high gear trying to warm your body up.
  • What is even better, these thermogenic food items are easily found at the local supermarket, without any need to make financial sacrifice, or to travel far and away. Get your creativity going as you use them in daily dish while reaping the benefits of long, healthy life.

Fat Burner Pill – Some Aspects You Must Know

When we talk about Weight Loss, we will discuss about going exercise, eating healthy food, strict diet and fat burner. What do you think about the easiest way in reducing your weight or fat?

Most people will think about the fastest and the most effective way instead of tiring ways such as exercising. People don’t want to loose their weight with burden. Instead, they want to do nothing. They want their weight loose without sweating or tiring the day. The answer is fat burner pill. With doing nothing, your fat will be gone. It helps the metabolism so the fat will loose in no time. That’s what this product is about.

Fat burner pill is made to get rid the fat from your body and force us to eat less. It does work effectively although you don’t do exercises on a regular basis. For the culinary lovers, don’t worry. Loosing your weight doesn’t mean to loose your food. You are free to eat any fatty meals, as fat burner pill will drive away the calories from the meals you eat. You don’t have to put yourself under a strict diet pressure with changing your lifestyle. You don’t need it anymore. All you have to do is just consume the recommended dosage of this fat burner product regularly on daily basis.

However, a small thing that you should consider is its bad effect. Be careful in choosing fat burner product, as some products will have a bad impact to your stomach. If you want to choose the safe one, I would recommend natural fat burner pill instead of pharmacy one. Natural fat burner pill consists of natural ingredients composed by some herbs and botanical stuff. It almost has no side effect. Dieting with natural way will give you a healthy and lean life!

How to find a Healthy Natural Fat Burner

Most people these days live relatively sedentary lives. People seldom put their muscles to good use for a number of reasons. A lot of people have office jobs which means that they sit in their desks all day. Most people also take motorized forms of transportation to and from their homes and workplaces.
Because of this, many people have grown fatter, thus being unable to properly use the energy and nutrients they take in when they eat. There are many methods of losing weight like daily exercise and working out but most people have neither the time nor energy for weight loss methods like this.
Because of this, many companies have started producing products that can help burn fat without the need for long work out sessions and hours at the gym. Unfortunately, many of these products do not work very well. Some of them also have dangerous side effects that can cause more harm than good. That is why finding a good natural fat burner can be very helpful to controlling your weight.
There are many types of foods that act as a natural fat burner. This means that with the proper diet and a moderate amount of exercise, you can achieve a slimmer and healthier physique in a relatively short period of time. To understand how a natural fat burner works, you need to know a few things about the human body.
Our body naturally burns fat depending on how fast our metabolism is. The human body breaks down the fat found in food into energy that our body uses. When the body is done breaking down the food, it starts to tap into the energy stored in our fat cells.
A natural fat burner works by speeding up our metabolism. This further results in a natural increase of the rate at which we burn fat.
The more fat we burn, the thinner we become. It is important not to go too far however, as we need the natural fat deposits in our bodies so that we have an emergency store of energy in case food is not immediately present.
Using a natural fat burner has many advantages over synthetic fat burners. These are natural compounds so our bodies are able to metabolize them efficiently. This means that there are no dangerous chemicals left lingering in our bodies.
The chances of negative side effects are also lessened when using a natural fat burner. There are many types of natural fat burners in the market today.
You might ask yourself which natural fat burner is right for you. There are many types of natural fat burners to choose from. You can use lipotropics, thermogenic fat burners and natural appetite suppressants. Green tea is very effective as a fat burner.
It is also natural and very good for you. Compounds extracted from peppers are also very effective as fat burners and appetite suppressants. There are many more out there and all you need to do is to look online to find them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of a fat burner?
A. Fat burning weight loss supplements are perfect for those who want to drop body fat without sacrificing muscle tone or mass. Fat burners contain powerful ingredients that stimulate your metabolism in order to increase your overall calorie burn and some fat burners even attack fat cells directly so you can lose “real’ weight instead of decreasing water retention or muscle mass.
Q. How can a fat burner help me?
A. Fat burners are great products for those looking to lose any amount of weight. Whether you’re trying to drop pounds to improve your health or simply to improve your physique a fat burner is a great place to start. Fat burner supplements that work help you drop body fat.
Q. What should I be looking for in a male-specific fat burner?
A. Fat burners that have been designed with men in mind often promote energy production and mental alertness and focus to support hard and frequent workouts. Even if you’re not a regular gym-goer the increase in energy will help you develop active, healthy habits and energy promoting ingredients like caffeine, green tea, B vitamins, licorice, amino acids, etc are excellent energy boosters. Other things to look for in a men’s fat burner are muscle builders. A dietary supplement fortified with protein, amino acids, or natural testosterone boosters are great for cutting down on body fat and still maintaining muscle mass.
Q. Why is the best place to find information?
A. is the leading online reviewer for diet pills because the products we review are researched and conducted by professionals who understand what it takes to produce an effective fat burner for the male body. After conducting extensive research and sorting out the good from the bad, our reviewers recommend only the top products they’ve found so you can be sure to find a fat burner to fit your male-specific weight loss needs.
Q. How do you decide which fat burners to review?
A. When deciding which fat burners to review, our researches pick the most recent products and especially products that have caused controversy within the healthy weight loss community. The fat burners we review are a wide variety of products so that consumers can know for themselves which products are actually going to work and which ones are going to be a waste of their time and money.
Q. How can I get the absolute most out of my fat burner?
A. Fat burners are never substitutes for healthy eating and regular exercise, so in order to experience the maximum weight loss your pill can provide, it is essential that you exercise for 30 minutes 3-5 times per week and make sure you’re consuming a diet low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar. Overall, it is important to remember that your fat burner, not matter its effectiveness, is only going to work as hard as you do.