Enemies of a Nice Slender Figure

A slender and attractive figure is a dream of every person. It’s not surprising that it makes men and women attractive in the eyes of each other, normal weight is also a key to health, good mood and the feeling of harmony. Nevertheless, the problem of obesity of the population is becoming more and more

Common Fallacies about Weight Loss

Nowadays many women consider themselves to be real experts in losing weight. As a rule, the knowledge that we have about the loss of excess weight are taken not from professional nutritionists, but from friends, acquaintances, perhaps even parents in the childhood. In fact, most of the information can be misleading. Modern dietology revised views

‘Laws’ of Nutrition for Ideal Body

To get yourself in shape and have a fit, slender, and most importantly healthy body – is the dream of absolutely every person. And it is quite a feasible and real dream, especially if you approach to it wisely and systematically. Nutritionists, fitness trainers and doctors are unanimous in opinion: there is no more effective

Let’s Stop Kids’ Obesity!

Nowadays the problem of excess weight has affected not only grown-ups, but also children. This is not surprising, since kids support the way of life of their parents. The Reasons for Children’s Overweight Many parents want to know whether there are techniques of losing weight that would do no harm to the immature organism of

What Prevents us from Losing Weight?

Are you in an endless fight against being overweight? Are you at a loss why the consistent efforts – diet and exercise – do not bring the desired result? You armed yourself with lists of health-promoting products and habits, training plans, the best diet pills, books of useful recipes and a great desire to bring