Truth about Abs

A perfect set of abs is a gateway to a great personality. It is often said that great abs will give you some brownie points in terms of a perfect cloth fitting, posture and tons of confidence. When someone talks about abs, he or she is actually taking about abdominal muscles. Abs is a part

Phenphedrine Review

Phenphedrine is a unique fat burner that address weight loss in a novel way. It targets your brain’s desire to overeat when confronted with stress. Because it addresses your hunger cravings where they originate, in your brain, it is fast becoming one of the most powerful diet supplements on the market. The Phenphedrine boldly claims

Quick Weight Loss Diet

About 10 years ago, I read a book that changed my life. It outlined a quick weight loss diet based on cleansing your body on the inside. It’s called Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. I followed the advice in the book, 6 days a week. I splurged a little on Sundays. I

Gastric Bypass Surgery

As the subject of mortal obesity comes more into the public spotlight, many people are beginning to look at options and alternatives that will allow them to shed potentially dangerous amounts of weight and slim down to a healthier size. One of those options is gastric bypass surgery. In the last few years alone, this

CurvaTrim (Xylestril) Review

Actually there are so many ads about CurvaTrim in Google. Of course in almost all of those ads, CurvaTrim is being touted as the best diet supplement that ever existed. But let’s see what CurvaTrim is all about. CurvaTrim actually is only the newer version of Xylestril. As you can see, Xylestril’s bottle design looks

Good Diet For Constipation

Constipation is a common problem which affects a large proportion of the population. People may be constipated for weeks or even months. Perhaps the most effective way of dealing with constipation is to follow a proper diet. One of the main elements in diet which can prove to be highly helpful in dealing with constipation