Appetite Suppressants

All of the appetite suppressants work by causing the release of two chemicals, named nor-epinephrine and epinephrine. The release of these chemicals causes the feeling of less hunger or not hungry at all. Obviously, if you are not fighting hunger, it is easier to eat less in any program for weight loss.

The consumer version of the PDR (Physicians’ Desk Reference) says that people should take appetite suppressants only for a short period of time, and under the supervision of doctors. When you build up tolerance for these appetite suppressants, you should stop using them.

The most common side effect of the appetite suppressants is jitters, which people sometimes feel weird and have a sense that their heart is beating faster.

The main appetite suppressants on the market include phentermine, phendimetrazine, diethylpropion, benzphetamine and sibutramine (meridia). Among the appetite suppressants, only sibutramine or meridia is approved for long term use in the obesity treatment in program for weight loss. Another type of weight loss pill that has been approved for long term use is xenical, the category of digestive inhibitors.

In fact, all appetite suppressants have a potential for abuse. That is why it only can be use for a short period of time. And, all of these appetite suppressants except phentermine are somewhat old-fashioned and are rarely used nowadays.

Sibutramine | Meridia

Being one of the diet pills that approved by FDA for long term use, sibutramine is originally studied as an antidepressant but it does not perform well. During the studies on depression, it is found to cause weight loss effect, that subsequently be used as an appetite suppressants.

Sibutramine works directly on the centers in the brain that tell you that you are full or satisfied. In addition, these appetite suppressants can raise metabolism as it can stimulate brown fat metabolism. Brown fat is a particular kind of fat that causes the body to burn calories.

Although studies with rodents show that there is a 30% increase in metabolism with these appetite suppressants, however it has a different result when studies are carried in humans. In fact, studies in human body reveal that these appetite suppressants may stimulate brown fat metabolism, but only by approximately 2% to 4% and for less than 24 hours.

Other studies reveal some weight loss results after using these appetite suppressants. However, evidence accumulated in the clinical trials suggests that the effectiveness of these appetite suppressants is less than impressive. Total annual weight reduction tends to be in the range of 8-20 pounds. In addition, the highest weight loss tends to be achieved by patients who participate in supervised trials involving a combination of appetite suppressants and diet, exercise as well as counseling. This makes it difficult to ascertain the precise effect of the appetite depressants on itself.

Apart from that, study published at Canadian Medical Association Journal in May 2002 reveals that FDA in the United States received reports of 397 adverse events related t to these appetite depressants, including 143 cardiac arrhythmias. In the United Kingdom, there were 215 reports of 411 adverse reactions, including 95 serious ones. Besides, these appetite depressants were taken off the market in Italy after 50 adverse reactions and 2 deaths from cardiovascular causes reported in this country.


Even though you are allowed to take appetite suppressants pills under the supervision of the doctors, they normally include these weight loss pills as part of an overall program for weight loss. A good doctor will always advise their patients to review and make change of lifestyle and diet habit.

In a healthy program for weight loss, it is always recommended to understand the correct weight loss concept first. Apart from that, perform regular exercise as well as eat a well balanced diet are important to get a healthy body weight range.

Health risks such as cardio vascular disease and diabetes increase when we have excess fat, especially around our midsection. The adult obesity rates in the United States have more than doubled since the 70’s and now nearly 70 % of adults are overweight or even obese.

Are you one of these adults having difficulty losing weight? Do any of these problems sound familiar?
I start a diet but I am always so hungry I can’t stick to it
I lose some weight and then gain it all back
When I am under stress, I binge eat
I am always too tired to exercise
I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes
I have bought fat loss supplements but often don’t remember to take them
The Slim Weight Patch could be the answer for you. After years of research the transdermal patch has been developed by a pharmaceutical company to provide a solution to weight problems affecting many adults today.

How does Slim Weight Patch Work?

Simply place a slim weight patch on your skin, under clothing, once every 24 hours
The slimming patch gradually releases natural ingredients into your blood stream that suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism
What is the advantage over a weight loss supplement?
How to use slim weight patchPut your Slim Weight Patch beside your toothbrush and change your patch every morning. You will never forget your slimming patch like you do your diet pills.
Never have to fumble around finding those diet pills when you are out for dinner
You will get the benefit of at least 95% of the active ingredients in the weight loss patch as they go straight into the bloodstream. With weight loss supplements, depending on each individual’s digestive system, you may only get half of the ingredients in your blood system.
Your appetite will be suppressed and your metabolism will be working effectively 24 hours a day as the patch does its work
Manufacturer claims from 2-4 pounds weight loss per week
What are the natural ingredients in Slim Weight Patch?
Garcinia cambogia
Zinc Pyruvate,
Fucus Vesiculosus
Yerba Mate
Flaxseed Oil
Zinc Citrate
You will recognize some of these natural ingredients as they are often used in over the counter diet supplements. Some of the less common ingredients such as Focus Vesiculosus add many benefits to this slimming patch. This sea plant, more commonly known as bladder wrack, not only aids in weight loss but also helps ease rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, and due to the iodine in the plant stimulates an underactive thyroid gland.

Some obese persons have been shown to have low serotonin levels and this has been linked to binge eating. 5-HTP helps keep the serotonin levels normal and thus aids in your efforts to lose weight. Clinical trials have shown weight loss in obese individuals who take PhenQ. For those having difficulty with sleep, 5-HTP also is thought to assist with this.
Guarana plant has been used to help with stress and to increase alertness, fight fatigue and help with physical endurance. It is thus helpful for those in high stress situations who tend to binge eat, and will assist those who wish to exercise, but just feel too tired. Gurana has approximately 3X the caffeine that coffee does, and is thought to help with suppressing your appetite and increasing fat burning.

Yerba Mate belongs to the holly family and has been studied by scientists from the Paris Scientific Society. It was found to be full of enough vitamins to keep you alive. In countries such as Chile where it grow wild it is often used as a food in place of vegetables. It keeps you from feeling hungry and herbalists recommend it as an appetite suppressant.

Zinc Pyruvate also contains calcium, potassium and sodium. These compounds aid in fat burning, help lower blood glucose and cholesterol and increase your endurance.
If you are interested in what the other ingredients are known for, you can get more information on the official site here.

What is included with the Slim Weight Patch?

30 transdermal patches per package
A special workout plan just for you
Tracking system for your health plan
Meal plans and recipes
A community to support you

What the Appetite Suppressants Are

Appetite suppressants are a kind of remedies which are targeted at appetite reduction. These products contain the ingredients which are able to decrease the feeling of hunger. And this feeling will stop being overwhelming. Due to the action of such suppressants, people with excessive weight can regain control over their appetite. Food cravings will no longer prevail.
When appetite reduces under the influence of appetite suppressants, you consume less food. This leads to the decrease in calorie intake. If you get the moderate amount of calories, your body will satisfy its vital needs and receive enough energy. And there will be no extra calories which can accumulate as unwanted fat and hateful pounds.
It’s possible to choose either prescription medications which decrease the feeling of hunger or natural supplements also used for this purpose. The choice of suppressants depends on the overweight severity, as well as your personal goals, preferences, and of course state of health.

The Most Popular Natural Appetite Suppressants

The all-natural appetite suppressants enjoy the greatest popularity among the overweight people nowadays. That’s because of the non-artificial origin of these suppressants. It’s possible to distinguish the most widespread natural remedies that belong to the hunger feeling inhibitors.


This is a plant very high in galactomannan fiber. The latter one is a soluble fiber that makes appetite drop. The fiber does this by means of satiety enhancement, gastric emptying deceleration, carbohydrate absorption interruption, and fat absorption suspension. Due to these effects, it’s possible to achieve appetite reduction.
Thus, the studies have indicated that fenugreek supplementation helps overweight people much better regulate appetite, prolong the feeling of fullness, and cut the amount of consumed food.
In addition, it’s a clinically-backed fact that fenugreek is effective for lowering fat consumption. The study indicated that fenugreek supplementation has led to 17% reduction of fat intake and 12% reduction of daily calorie intake.
Also, according to the review of more than 10 clinical trials, cholesterol levels fall and blood sugar levels normalize under the influence of fenugreek.
All the mentioned studies proved that this plant is harmless. And the probability of any side effects, the mildest ones, is very low.


The list of fibers successfully applied by the weight loss industry for manufacturing appetite suppressants will not be complete without considering Glucomannan. It is a soluble fiber responsible for carbohydrate and fat absorption slowdown. This fiber perfectly copes with the task of inhibiting appetite if used before eating. Due to this, food consumption diminishes and hence body weight lowers as well.
Also, this natural substance is famous for its great water absorption ability. It increases satiety and decreases speed of gastric emptying.
The study has shown that the intake of Glucomannan along with calcium carbonate for 60 days is enough to considerably cut fat deposits and lower body weight.
In addition, Glucomannan is helpful for delaying fat and protein absorption, controlling blood sugar, and optimizing LDL and total cholesterol levels.
This fiber features high safety level. But due to the peculiarities of its action, it’s recommended to use this fiber with a large amount of water.

Green Tea Extract

The extract derived from green tea also belongs to the naturally-occurring appetite suppressants. It has demonstrated its high body weight-lowering potential long time ago.
The weight-loss effects of green tea are easy to explain due to the availability of two natural active substances known as catechins and caffeine. Caffeine is a very widespread stimulatory agent which makes people stop feeling constantly hungry and gives a boost to the fat-melting process. Catechins, and especially epigallocatechin gallate, accelerate metabolic rate and eliminate fat storages. Caffeine and catechins complement each others’ action. Due to this, the body melts calories at a much more intense rate. And the weight loss carries out quicker.
Green tea extract can’t harm your health. But you shouldn’t go overboard when using this natural component.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

It may sound surprisingly, but trans fats can be appetite suppressants as well. And conjugated linoleic acid is exactly such a trans fat. This fat is available in a range of fatty animal products.
There is plausible evidence that this acid is effective for shaking off extra pounds by means of intensifying fat destruction, not allowing fat synthesis, and activating breakdown of fat.
The study has indicated that this ingredient makes people feel much more satiated and overcome hunger pangs. Thus, according to the study, the 13-week supplementation with conjugate linoleic acid enabled people with excessive weight to considerably suppress the hunger feeling and give a boost to the fullness feeling between the meals.
There is also clinical evidence that the intake of this ingredient greatly assists in cutting body fat and preventing fat from being absorbed by the body. Due to this, it’s possible to avoid fat gain, get rid of available fat deposits and lose weight.
The scientists claim of high safety level of conjugated linoleic acid and its inability to cause side effects.

Garcinia Cambogia

This is a completely natural active substance obtained from fruit. The ingredient is very rich in hydroxycitric acid. The studies have already demonstrated that this acid really can promote the body weight reduction in a natural way. Besides, Garcinia cambogia is among the all-natural appetite suppressants since it is proved to effectively deal with food cravings.
The animal study made it evident that this plant component decreases the food consumption. The human studies have shown the high potential the plant ingredient to lower the hunger feeling, suppress fat synthesis, and enhance weight loss.
Also, there are the clinical trial findings which found out that Garcinia cambogia is able to improve serotonin production in the body. When serotonin levels elevate, they reach brain receptors responsible for satiety. Due to this, the person can feel satiated for a longer period of time. And this allows regain control over own appetite. The results of supplementation may still be different in different people.
This plant ingredient has to be strictly dosed in order to remains safe and help regulate appetite.


Coffee is worldwide famous for a very high amount of caffeine in it. The scientists have already conducted numerous studies which confirmed the ability of caffeine to activate the weight loss process by means of stimulating extra calorie melting and improving fat breakdown.
Also, caffeine supports the weight reduction by reducing the feeling of hunger. According to the research, the consumption of coffee a few hours before eating can help slow down gastric emptying, cut the concentration of appetite hormones, and decrease appetite. It means that caffeine works similarly to the other non-artificial appetite suppressants.
In addition, it was observed that people who drink coffee manage to decrease food consumption and hence cut calorie intake throughout the whole day as opposed to people who don’t drink coffee.
Moreover, caffeine aids in speeding up metabolic rate by 11% and intensifying fat destruction by 29% in people without the body weight problems.
Though caffeine can’t damage your health, you should be careful with its intake. That’s because caffeine can make increase blood pressure.

Tips to Naturally Suppress Appetite

There is a range of proven tips which along with the intake of appetite suppressants help overweight people effectively control own feeling of hunger and hence decrease the body weight:

  • Healthy Fat and Protein Intake: The consumption of foods which contain much protein and healthy fats is effective for combating the issue of hunger pangs and making appetite drop. If you include to your daily diet enough healthy fats and proteins, you will not feel hunger for a much longer period of time comparing to the intake of carbohydrates and unhealthy foods. That’s why if you want to stop suffering from constant hunger, be sure that you eat soy products, lean meats, Greek yogurt, beans, peas, and eggs.
  • Water Consumption before Eating: The scientists have already provided persuasive evidence that the consumption of one large glass of water straightforwardly before meals promotes much better satiety. And the person will not feel still hungry after eating. One more study has demonstrated that the increased water consumption by women with excessive weight for 2 months resulted in appetite decrease and body weight drop. Also, if you drink water before eating, you normalize digestion in such a way.
  • Increased Amount of High-Fiber Foods: Foods which are very high in natural fiber belong to the best working non-artificial appetite suppressants. Fiber decreases speed of all digestive processes in the body and contributes to stable feeling of satiety. The scientists found out that high-fiber nutrition plans are directly related to low obesity rates in people who have ever suffered from overweight and obesity. That’s why if you wish to fight increased appetite, your nutrition regimen should obligatorily include vegetables, beans, almonds, whole grains, chia seeds, avocados, and apples.
  • Workouts before Eating: You may be surprised but working out before meals also belongs to natural appetite suppressants. There is a review that includes the data of 20 studies not related to each other. And this review highlights that the suppression of hunger hormones occurs instantly after working out. And high-intensity exercises will make your appetite-decreasing efforts maximally successful. In particular, the scientists found out that exercising makes ghrelin which is one of the key hunger hormones plummet. At the same time, the levels of satiety hormones including GLP-1 and PPY increase.
  • Thoughtful Approach to Eating: The scientists fairly claim that people often become the victims of never-ending hunger because they consume foods thoughtlessly. The task of curbing appetite will not be that difficult if you don’t consume food while watching TV. The matter is that such an approach makes people eat much more than they actually need. Also, make sure that you eat in the well-lit room since eating in the dark contributes to eating 36% more than the healthy food portion includes. And overeating in its turn provokes the development of overweight and obesity.

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