3 Stages in Strength Training to Build Lean Muscle

To build lean muscle, people use to start a strength training using a SPRI exercise tube or strength training machine. To get optimal results from strength or weight training, you should never perform more than 10 reps in each exercise with proper form at full range of motion.

Stage # 1: Working Repetition

At this stage, you do not feel very hard because you are just starting the movement to build lean muscle. You fully contract the muscle on the way up, and slowly lower it on the way down. Remember to work the full range of the motion, as this is the correct way to build lean muscle. You will perform 5 to 6 repetitions of a 10-rep set. Normally, a repetition should take 2 counts on the way up while you exhale, and 4 counts on the way down while you inhale.

Stage # 2: Fatigue

You start to enter stage 2 when you feel you are getting harder in each working repetition. At this stage, your bicep muscle is getting tired and fatigued. This stage should last 3 to 4 repetitions, or around your 6th to 9th repetitions of a 10-rep set.

If you still feel comfortable when you approach the 7th, 8th or 9th repetition, this means the weight or band tension is too light for you. This is always the common mistake people do and thus miss out the benefit of strength training to build lean muscle.

Stage #3: Muscular Failure

You will come to a stage that you can no longer move or lift up the weight, band or machine. I would say congratulation to you because this muscular failure stage is the most important stage to build lean muscle. This should happen on 9th or 10th of a 10-rep set.
Although you are no longer physically capable of doing even one more repetition, you still try and finally finish performing the 10th repetition. Here you will have tiny tears in your muscles. This is good as these tiny tears will be repaired in the next 24 to 48 hours. A little more lean muscle tissue is built so that you can perform better in next training.

Build lean muscle is so important in healthy weight loss program, as muscle burns out 16 times more calories than body fat. Increase of lean muscle will help in boosting metabolism. This will end up with higher success rate in losing weight.

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