10 Things in Your Fridge to Get Rid of

One of the most basic – and also most effective – ways of eating better and losing weight is clearing your refrigerator of food that isn’t good for you.

That’s because one of the reasons why it’s so easy to eat unhealthy food is that, well, it’s so easy to eat unhealthy food!

When you’re craving some sweets, all you need to do is pop open the fridge and grab something convenient – which tends to be unhealthy.

However, if you clear your fridge of unhealthy food, then it becomes A LOT harder to eat. After all, you need to put your shoes on, go to the grocery store, go up and down the aisles and so forth to satisfy your cravings.

The first step is to clear your fridge of the bad stuff, so here are ten things that you should clear out of your refrigerator ASAP.

1. Lunch Meat

The problem with lunch meat is that they’re highly processed and loaded with sodium. While they might taste good, they are not a healthy source of protein. If they’re in your fridge, clear them out!

2. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise might taste delicious, but it is NOT good for your body because it is LOADED with empty calories. Clear it from your fridge and replace it with healthier condiments.

3. Chocolate Milk

Oh chocolate milk. It tastes wonderful, but it is oh so bad for you. Beyond the problems milk alone has, chocolate milk adds the additional problems that come with chocolate. While some types of chocolate is good for you, the highly refined stuff that goes into chocolate milk is nothing but empty calories!

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4. Juice

Don’t be fooled – juice is not your friend. Unless you’re getting juice straight out of a juicer, it’s probably loaded with processed sugars, which aren’t good for your health OR your waistline.

5. Soda

If you’re serious about getting healthy and looking good in the mirror, you need to cut out soda ASAP. There is nothing good about it – especially since most sodas are loaded with high-fructose corn syrup. It’s bad for your health, bad for your weight and even worse for your teeth!

6. Bacon

Bacon tastes awesome, but it should be obvious that it’s bad for you. Just look at it! It’s literally dripping in saturated fat. Throw it out before succumbing to the temptation!

7. Margarine

During the 1980’s there was a widespread belief that margarine was healthier than butter. Recent studies have shown this to be complete and utter nonsense. While butter has its problems, margarine is by no means a healthy substitute.

8. Anything “Low Fat”

Another myth hanging around from the 1980’s is that fat is bad for you. On the contrary, certain types of fats are ESSENTIAL to living a healthy lifestyle. Most of the foods in your refrigerator labeled “low fat” are lousy for you because they substitute sugar for fat, which IS bad for you.

9. “All Natural”

You shouldn’t necessarily throw EVERYTHING labeled “all natural” in your fridge. However, realize that the label “all natural” doesn’t actually mean anything. It’s a marketing gimmick that can be slapped on just about anything. If you see something in your fridge labeled “all natural,” give it a good, hard look.

10. Most Salad Dressings

Salads are the poster-child for healthy food because they are loaded with vegetables. However, when you slap on most salad dressings, it becomes very unhealthy. That’s because dressings tend to be loaded with sugar.

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